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Jun 17

18666607 - colorful spine  backache concept  illustration with human spine, anatomy with red color at the middle of the spine

Spinal musculoskeletal disorders may occur in your daily life, at home, work or recreation. You may know how miserable it can be when your back is hurting, but do you know things you could do to help keep your spine healthy? Good Posture! Good posture is fundamental to good health.  It helps to avoid complications […]

May 17

35462504 - close-up of hand holding cool gel pack on ankle over white background

Living in Minnesota, you know it feels so good to be outside in the warm weather!  Maybe you are visiting one of the beautiful State or National Parks (http://www.dnr.state.mn.us/state_parks/index.html), walking one of the many trails or touring Minneapolis by bike (http://minneapolisbybike.com). Regardless of the activity, what if you “overdo it” and the result is pain.  […]

May 17

46466081 - back pain.

  How much do you really know about back pain? The solutions for healing the spine or maintaining the spine are usually not straightforward. Many find it is a long and winding road to getting an accurate diagnosis and effective treatment plan. Let us shed some light on 3 of the more common myths about […]

Apr 17


            Did You Know: Chiropractic adjustments are unique, just like you! At AdvaCare we will tailor an individual care plan just for your specific needs. We target problem areas and work on uncovering the root cause of the issue. There are no age limits with Chiropractic Care! Chiropractic are is […]

Apr 17

55952167 - man stressed

  How do you handle stress? Do you stay awake worrying about something that you need to do that hasn’t been done yet? Do you turn to a bowl of ice cream or a chocolate bar hoping to relieve a little stress? Do you pour an extra glass of wine or beer?  These are common […]

Mar 17


Unless you have been hibernating like a bear you should be aware that nationwide we are experiencing significant issues with the delivery of health care in the good old USA. In Minnesota there are even deeper issues with the way the laws were changed to allow “vertical Integration” a “Minnesota nice” way of saying legal […]

Mar 17

49936107 - healthy and unhealthy lifestyle choices concept

Poor Nutrition, Vitamin C, Inflammation and Health   What do poor nutrition and inflammation have in common?  They are a “cause and effect” team that everyone should know about.  When a substance that your body doesn’t want is introduced into your body, your immune system comes to the rescue.  It begins to attack it, causing […]

Feb 17


If you want to feel better from the inside out, consider PSC®  Embryonic Plant Extracts. These time-tested and proven effective dietary supplements are the best Nature has to offer. These extracts contain more nutrients, antioxidants, and phytochemicals than any other extracts. Only fresh, never dried or frozen embryonic plant tissue is used and combined with […]

Jan 17

40551961 - model isolated puzzled

If you are hoping to buy health care under the old model of “fix it when broke” and praying you still have the old $500 deductible or 80/20 plans – that ship sailed five years ago. High-deductible insurance plans are here to stay; in fact they’ve tripled in the last four years. These controversial plans […]

Dec 16


The holiday season is in full swing – a joyful time that presents opportunity for connection with family and friends. However, the holidays can be stressful. Massage is the best tool to use against stress.  Stress has a tendency to manifest itself in the shoulders, neck and lower back.  We’ll combat the painful effects of […]

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