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Jan 18

89401225 - silhouette young man jumping to 2018 new year

We have compiled a list of 10 New Year’s Resolutions to help 2018 be happier and healthier! Schedule “quiet time” and turn off your cell phone – enjoy peace and quiet. Incorporate exercise into daily activities, 3-4 times per week for 30 minutes helps clear your mind and you’ll also experience a reduction in back pain […]

Dec 17

12244805 - city of minneapolis as viewed from a frozen lake.

Cold winter weather is now upon us. When temperatures decrease (as they do in Minnesota) muscle and join inflammation increases, which increases pain. We have gathered some tips that will help: Dress To Kill the Cold Blood circulation is imperative during cold weathers. Also, vests and sweaters can keep the chest region warm at all […]

Dec 17


                    According to the University of Colorado, the chemical that promotes fat storage almost doubles in winter.  Sadly, the cold winter time triggers cravings for that warm, carb filled comfort food. The warm, cozy couch is too comfortable to leave and the freezing outdoor temperature provides […]

Nov 17

35520316 - fitness, home and diet concept - smiling teenage girl streching on floor at home

Most people know that stretching can increase flexibility and better balance.  But did you know it does all this: Increases flexibility Increases mobility Improves balance Improves posture Improves athletic performance Reduces tension Reduces stress Reduces anxiety Decreases the risk of injury Stretching also is the cheapest and the simplest exercise you’ll ever do and requires […]

Nov 17

42310015 - teenage driver suffering whiplash injury traffic accident

You might not be surprised that according to Driver Knowledge, 3 million people in the US are injured every year in car accidents, however, did you know that it’s all too common for people injured in a seemingly minor car accident to develop chronic problems. Often people don’t realize that chiropractic care is the best […]

Oct 17


IV Nutritional Therapy can often be the missing treatment to many diseases. The method of feeding vitamins, minerals, and other natural therapeutic substances directly into the bloodstream can have profound effects. Partially because it bypasses the digestive tract, where many nutrients may be either partially or fully lost due to poor absorption. IV nutrition therapy […]

Oct 17


                            “Sleep ergonomics” is the term referring to sleeping postures and positions.  Your sleep ergonomics either help you rest in a safe mechanical position for your joints or they can stress your joints to the point of feeling aches and pains when […]

Sep 17


Minnesota in the fall is breathtaking.  Red, yellow and orange leaves, while spectacular, also mean fall allergies. Below you’ll find our 3 top tips for keeping your fall allergies in check and concentrating on enjoying the colorful view! Filter, Filter, Filter Minimize your exposure to fall allergies by keeping windows closed and the air conditioning […]

Sep 17

51624458 - neck bone and muscles have pain because smartphone addiction and play long time.

Text Neck is an overuse, or repetitive stress injury to the neck caused by holding your head in a downward and forward position for extended periods of time. Excessive amounts of tension is created in the deep muscles of the neck and across the shoulders when holding your head in the aforementioned position. There is […]

Aug 17

66830096 - chiropractic word cloud concept. vector illustration

If you are considering chiropractic care in Bloomington, Edina or Eden Prairie Minnesota, you undoubtedly have discovered there are multiple possibilities. So, how do you find the best chiropractor for YOU? We have 5 tips for you to consider. Referrals! The Internet and yellow pages might seem like a good place to start, but cannot […]

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