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AdvaCare Clinics: Wrinkle Reduction Treatments

It’s no surprise that we develop wrinkles, as we grow older. Every time we smile, frown, cry or laugh we make an imprint on our faces.  If we’re lucky, it takes years before we can visibly see the imprint, but sooner or later the wrinkles do appear.

Aging skin and wrinkles result from a combination of factors. Over time, those vertical lines that appear between your brows – result from muscle contractions. When you concentrate, frown, squint, laugh or smile, the muscles between your brows contract, causing your skin to furrow and fold. After years of frequent contraction, those wrinkles can linger even after the muscles are at rest.

At AdvaCare Clinics we utilize Collagen or Hyaluronic Acid injections, Acupuncture, Laser therapy, and Botox injections for wrinkle reduction.

Wrinkle Reduction with Botox Injections

Botox is a simple, nonsurgical procedure. It takes approximately 10 minutes for the entire treatment. No anesthesia is required.

Botox Injections block the transmission of nerve impulses to the injected muscles, so the muscles relax and the skin looks smoother.

In addition to its cosmetic applications, the added benefits of Botox injections may also include treatment for:

  • Improvement of migraine and other headache disorders
  • Reduce severe primary axillary hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating)
  • Improvement in chronic back and jaw pain
  • Relief & relaxation of muscle twitches including tremor
  • Blepharospasm (excessive blinking)
  • Cervical dystonia (spasmodic torticollis) (a neuromuscular disorder involving the head and neck)

Treatment and prevention of chronic headaches, and chronic musculoskeletal pain are also emerging uses for botulinum toxin type A. In addition, Botox may aid in weight loss by increasing the gastric emptying time. Download our printable Wrinkle Reduction Treatments Information Sheet.

To learn more about Botox Injections, call us to schedule a free consultation at 952-835-6653.


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