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Get-startedIV Nutritional Therapy in our clinical setting is an extremely effective way to boost your nutritional status, strengthen your immune system, and obtain optimal energy and overall health.

IV therapy is a method of delivering vital fluids and micronutrients directly into the bloodstream. IV treatments offer patients maximum absorption benefits, leading to increased energy, improved sleep, enhanced recovery from athletic events or
surgical procedures, superior immune support, anti-aging effects and stress relief.

Why should you consider IV Nutritional Therapy for your Vitamins and Nutrients?
A great question with a basic answer because the clinical effectiveness of the process is why IV delivery is used in so many medical situations. This proven
medical therapy:

  • is the fastest, most efficient method of delivery
  • is used for medication as well as vitamins
  • provides rapid symptom relief in a wide array of situations
  • uses a mix of manesium, zinc, selenium, vitamins B1, B2,
    B3, B5, B6, B12 and C, folic acid, glutahione and biotin.

How and why Advacare clinic became interested in providing IV Therapy
We offer this is a very personal and life changing event I, Dr. Dennis Lenselink, Administrator of Advacare clinics had to deal with. Without the help of IV therapy my life would have been changed in a very negative way.  About four years ago I started to feel extremely fatigued, I was so short of breath I could only walk about ten steps and had to sit down. Eating a few bites of food was very taxing and then
I had to sit or lay down. I had no drive and had a hard time concentrating and thinking.  Read more…


IV Therapy Facts – What other physicians and organization have written about IV Nutrient Therapy
Dr. Jonathan Wright, MD of the Tahoma Clinic noted the benefits in stating:
“With oral supplements alone, it routinely takes considerably longer, often over a year. With the IV program, however, improvement is almost always substantial and quick, occurring in just two months.”

Dr. Gaby, MD has administered over 10,000 nutritional IVs (modified Myers) and says this:
“It has been the author’s observation that some patients who receive a series of IV injections become progressively healthier. In these patients, the interval between treatments can be gradually increased, and eventually the injections are no longer necessary. Other patients require regular injections for an indefinite period of time in order to control their medical problems.  Read more…

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