AdvaCare Alexandria Satellite Medical Cannabis Certification

Advacare Satellite Medical Cannabis Certification

We believe you have the right to have the option to use medical cannabis for pain management. For those in the Alexandria area, is there a Minnesota Medical Cannabis Certification Program provide near you? We soon will be.

Medical cannabis is a state approved option for those living in Alexandria, and all of Minnesota. While there are approximately 1200 doctors in Minnesota authorized to certify a patient’s qualifying condition so they can join the Medical Cannabis Registry, the overwhelming majority of them remain silent or are “invisible” because clinics fear they could lose managed care payments from federal streams of payment and pressure from prescription programs, as well as the fact it is hard to get clinics and doctors to adopt to a new way of approaching or thinking. “Fear of breaking the status quo”. But NOT the dedicated providers at Advacare Clinics. We support freedom of choice!

A few key points to remember:

The Minnesota Medical Cannabis Certification is a service that is not covered under any medical insurance and therefore is a cash only option. There is NO insurance that will cover this.

Travel to our Bloomington office will not be necessary, as we will soon be posting the dates and time for our Alexandria Cannabis Satellite Clinic.

We have established a simple and smooth process to build and review your health case file and get you established as an eligible patient for the use of medical cannabis in Minnesota. You do your part, and then we can do ours.

Here are the steps to get certified by one or our registered Advacare providers:

  1. Read our Medical Cannabis information page to fully understand the two part process.
  2. Call toll-free at 1-866-549-3756, our regular office line at 952-835-6653, or email to request a FREE telephone consult. Please include your name, telephone number and summary of conditions.
  3. We will call you to discuss your case.
  4. After our initial call, please download and complete our New Patient Intake Form, the Patient Info Release Form, the Patient Evaluation Questionnaire, and the Patient E-Mail and Acknowledgement Form. After completing these forms, please send them to us ASAP. It is fastest if you obtain your medical records that we deem necessary for your file review. We can also send for them, but it takes longer.
  5. Once we receive both your completed intake forms AND your required health records, we review your file and deem it “clean” to proceed. You are then considered pre-qualified, meaning you are now able to have a face-to-face and final meeting with the health provider that can give you your certification for therapy.

At this time, you can schedule an appointment by paying the $250.00 visit fee. We take checks (once cleared), cash or credit cards to hold your visit date and time. We will allow you the option to make a $150.00 down payment and then pay the balance (in cash), as we will not have the ability for CC or check payment at the location at your visit; however this increases the cost of the visit to $300.

The additional $150.00 would be due at the time of the appointment and you will not be seen if you come to the appointment without it. We really do not want to be handling money at these appointments; we’d rather focus on each scheduled patient. If you fail to come to the appointment, there are no refunds or rescheduling without another prepayment of the $150. In other words, if you paid the initial $250 and were to miss your appointment, you will be required to pay an additional $150 to reschedule.

Clinic Day Details

  • AdvaCare Satellite Clinics will usually be held on Tuesdays.
  • We will be bundling our appointments in groups of 25 on any given date. (We will not schedule a date to come to your area until we have a minimum of 25 paid and scheduled patients)
  • The northern clinic will be in the Moorhead / White Earth area, while the southern clinic will be in Rochester. The exact locations are still to be determined.
  • Our medical team currently consists of 2 professionals - they will not be screening nor qualifying anyone, just seeing the scheduled patients.
  • Download and complete this form from the State of Minnesota. It must be presented at the clinic visit. Download


Part 2 is your registration with the State of Minnesota. Please visit this link for details and information on how to register. Please pay close attention to the steps outlined on this page.

Our years of experience in working with people who live with chronic pain has lead us to this decision to provide statewide options for medical cannabis certification. We look forward to helping you.


Dennis Lenselink, Clinic Administrator Advacare Clinics