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AdvaCare Clinics: Pre & Post-Surgical Rehabilitation Physical Therapy

Physical therapy is a non-surgical treatment, which can be very successful for many conditions and therefore is often prescribed before and after surgery. The goal of this physical therapy is to speed your recovery and, improve your overall function by increasing your range of motion and by strengthening your muscles.

At AdvaCare Clinic,  Physical therapy we treat patients before and after a wide variety of surgeries, such as total hip and total knee replacements, lumbar and cervical disc surgeries, fracture repair and numerous arthroscopic procedures for the knee, shoulder, hip and ankle.

The purpose of pre- & post- operative rehabilitation is to provide a rapid recovery utilizing the best possible exercise programs both before and after surgery. Therapists maintain close communication with the physician in order to fully understand what the patient is undergoing and to prepare an individual treatment plan.

Each patient is provided with a physical therapy plan specific to his or her needs in order to recover fully. This treatment may include: manual “hands on” therapy, joint mobilization, stretching and other therapeutic exercises, as well as patient education on posture and body mechanics and therapeutic exercises.

AdvaCare Clinics has over 85 years combined medical treatment experience creating effective, personalized pre- & post-surgical therapy programs to provide you the care you need to get your health back. For more information download our printable Pre & Post-Surgical Rehabilitation Physical Therapy Information Sheet.

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