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Nov 17

35520316 - fitness, home and diet concept - smiling teenage girl streching on floor at home

Most people know that stretching can increase flexibility and better balance.  But did you know it does all this: Increases flexibility Increases mobility Improves balance Improves posture Improves athletic performance Reduces tension Reduces stress Reduces anxiety Decreases the risk of injury Stretching also is the cheapest and the simplest exercise you’ll ever do and requires […]

Aug 17

42081711 - colorful wooden pencils isolated on white background

The One… Every Chiropractor, every doctor, every nurse, every healthcare professional has “the one”. The one patient who: inspired us to go into medicine. reminds us why we continue to treat. comes prepared with the list of medication and symptoms. is surprised that we can name what medication they were put on first, then what […]

Jun 17

18666607 - colorful spine  backache concept  illustration with human spine, anatomy with red color at the middle of the spine

Spinal musculoskeletal disorders may occur in your daily life, at home, work or recreation. You may know how miserable it can be when your back is hurting, but do you know things you could do to help keep your spine healthy? Good Posture! Good posture is fundamental to good health.  It helps to avoid complications […]

May 17

35462504 - close-up of hand holding cool gel pack on ankle over white background

Living in Minnesota, you know it feels so good to be outside in the warm weather!  Maybe you are visiting one of the beautiful State or National Parks (http://www.dnr.state.mn.us/state_parks/index.html), walking one of the many trails or touring Minneapolis by bike (http://minneapolisbybike.com). Regardless of the activity, what if you “overdo it” and the result is pain.  […]

Nov 15

Edina Fibromyalgia Relief

Don’t tell me that you understand
Don’t tell me that you know.
Don’t tell me that I will survive,
How I will surely grow.

Don’t tell me this is just a test,
That I am truly blessed,
That I am chosen for this task,
Apart from all the rest.

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