Work or Car Accident Help Bloomington MN

Injury Treatment BloomingtonHave you been injured recently in a car accident or on the job? Injuries can leave you in a lot of pain and not sure how best to manage your medical care, since there are many different health care providers might be needed. One thing that is often helpful if you find yourself in a situation like this is to partner with a healthcare team that values multiple treatment options that are both highly effective and holistic in nature. AdvaCare Clinics in Bloomington, MN is leading the healthcare industry in wellness solutions for auto injury treatment, Injuries on the Job, Acute Injuries, Chronic Pain and many other health related problems that people commonly encounter. AdvaCare Medical Clinic is an Outpatient Rehabilitation Center in Bloomington that combines medical care, chiropractic care, alternative medical practice and physical therapy to help our clients achieve all of their wellness objectives. Continue reading “Work or Car Accident Help Bloomington MN”

Take Charge of your Health with Integrative Medicine

Integrative Medicine Choose by YouAre you tired of everyone making the decisions for you? Too many times in a structured hospital setting, patients are being told what to do instead of asked. At AdvaCare Clinics Advanced Healthcare Solutions, we are excited to watch you take charge of your health through our integrative medicine. Serving patients throughout Minnesota, AdvaCare Clinics Advanced Healthcare Solutions has a unique healthcare approach that involves holistic care. We are leading the healthcare industry by offering outpatient wellness solutions for car accident injuries, injuries on the job, acute injuries, chronic pain and so many other types of common health related problems that people are going through. Continue reading “Take Charge of your Health with Integrative Medicine”

Carpal Tunnel Treatment Bloomington MN

Carpal Tunnel Injury MNA very common work related injury results in pain and limited usage of the hand and wrist. It is known as Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS). Although carpal tunnel is commonly associated with jobs that require keyboarding, it can also result from numerous repetitive use activities. The AdvaCare Healthcare Clinics in Bloomington, MN have designed an effective plan for Carpal Tunnel Treatment. We not only can relieve the symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome, we utilize Chiropractic Treatments to treat the root cause of carpal tunnel problems.

Symptoms of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

The Symptoms of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome usually start gradually and become more pronounced over time. Symptoms often appear in the dominant hand and start during the night if sleeping with a flexed wrist. Patients are likely to wake in the morning with the feeling that they have to shake the wrist to loosen it up.

Common Symptoms of Carpal Tunnel Include:

  • Numbness
  • Tingling during the day
  • Fingers feel swollen when no swelling is visible
  • Burning sensation
  • Shooting pain
  • Itching
  • Wrist discomfort
  • Decreased grip strength
  • Difficulty grasping small objects
  • Decreased sensation of hot and cold

Chiropractic Treatments for Carpal Tunnel

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS) is often the result of a combination of factors. Research has shown that the source of the nerve problem can be traced back to the nerves that travel through the neck or spine. AdvaCare Healthcare Clinics utilizes Chiropractic Treatments for Carpal Tunnel that relieve pressure on nerves that are upstream from the median nerve in the wrist.

Combination of Carpal Tunnel Treatment Options

Many patients respond quite well with a combination of Chiropractic Care, Deep Tissue Massage, Physical Therapy, Acupuncture and Yoga for carpal tunnel treatment at our Bloomington, MN AdvaCare clinic. Some cases progress faster with the addition of surgery to relieve the problematic area in the wrist. We have a skilled surgeon on staff who can provide excellent care and treatment.

Treatment for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Bloomington MN

AdvaCare Clinics provides excellent care and treatment for patients suffering from the effects of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS). Our approach includes advanced therapies including Chiropractic Treatments for Carpal Tunnel. After evaluating your symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome and determining the cause of the problem, our team can provide your with a Carpal Tunnel Treatment Plan that addresses your specific needs.

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Injury Treatment for Workers Comp Edina MN

A workplace injury can be extremely disruptive and can require significant injury treatment. Some estimates are that nearly 500,000 individuals are injured or become ill at work each year and are disabled for more than five months.  Unfortunately, there are also some instances in which people are unable to ever return to work.  This translates to many treatment sessions with a variety of health care providers in many specialties because the injuries can be complex and require a holistic approach to achieve the best results.  Serving Edina, MN and the surrounding area, AdvaCare Clinics is perfectly suited to help those with workplace injuries, offering a multidisciplinary approach to care. Continue reading “Injury Treatment for Workers Comp Edina MN”