Laser Therapy Bloomington MN

Cold Laser Therapy Bloomington MNWhile cold laser therapy has been used in the healing arts since 1965, it is just now starting to catch on as one of the most advanced treatment options of this century. Also known as low level laser treatment, cold laser therapy can accelerate the normal healing rate of tissue for many different types of ailments! This means sports injuries can heal quicker and chronic pain can finally be alleviated. If you are looking to receive the great laser therapy benefits, try AdvaCare Clinics’ Bloomington low level laser treatment! Continue reading “Laser Therapy Bloomington MN”

Rehabilitation Facility For Seniors Bloomington MN

Medical facility Edina MNDo you have an elderly parent that you are trying to help find a reliable and dedicated rehabilitation facility in Bloomington, MN? When dealing with seniors, finding a medical facility is not always easy. Living here or in the Edina, MN area, you are in luck because AdvaCare Clinics Advanced Healthcare Solutions is right in your back yard. Our dedicated staff leads the medical industry in wellness options, and has a strong focus on serving seniors as we are medicare certified. What is neat about our outpatient rehabilitation facility is that we have health care providers on staff from a wide range of backgrounds that are able to work together to find the perfect recovery plan for you or someone that you know. Continue reading “Rehabilitation Facility For Seniors Bloomington MN”

Chiropractic Care After Sports Injury Bloomington MN

Dislocated AnkleBeing an athlete is a great honor. Whether you are playing on a church league softball team or you are a professional athlete, the risk of injury is always high when performing physical activity. Without proper training and a little bit of luck, your body can easily be injured, causing you to miss out on the sport you love the most. If this happens to you, don’t fret, there’s hope. At AdvaCare Clinics, we specialize in sports injury prevention and recovery chiropractic care. Continue reading “Chiropractic Care After Sports Injury Bloomington MN”

Injury Treatment for Workers Comp Edina MN

A workplace injury can be extremely disruptive and can require significant injury treatment. Some estimates are that nearly 500,000 individuals are injured or become ill at work each year and are disabled for more than five months.  Unfortunately, there are also some instances in which people are unable to ever return to work.  This translates to many treatment sessions with a variety of health care providers in many specialties because the injuries can be complex and require a holistic approach to achieve the best results.  Serving Edina, MN and the surrounding area, AdvaCare Clinics is perfectly suited to help those with workplace injuries, offering a multidisciplinary approach to care. Continue reading “Injury Treatment for Workers Comp Edina MN”

Dedicated Rehab Facility Bloomington MN

Dealing with a chronic injury that just will not go away? Were you involved in an accident that has caused you pain? Don’t let the pain linger as it can cause bigger issues down the road. Instead, partner with AdvaCare Clinics Advanced Healthcare Solutions today to setup a holistic treatment plan designed to get you back to 100%. Our dedicated staff has been serving the Bloomington, MN community with over 85 years of combined experience. With our broad rehab services, we are sure to have a treatment option that works for you. Continue reading “Dedicated Rehab Facility Bloomington MN”

Medicare Certified Rehab Facility Richfield MN

Our Healthcare Approach Involves:

This day in age, the number of medical rehab facilities in Richfield, MN has significantly increased. It used to be that there were only a few rehab centers in town. Now, if feels as if there is one every few miles. We understand that it is tough to decide on which provider to trust for your short term and long term rehab needs. By choosing to partner with AdvaCare Clinics Advanced Healthcare Solutions, you will have access to a medicare certified facility that puts a special emphasis on the rehab needs of the elderly population. Through a holistic approach, our dedicated staff will provide you rehabilitation options that are not centered around medications. Continue reading “Medicare Certified Rehab Facility Richfield MN”