Don’t let Cold Weather be a Pain to Muscle and Joint Inflammation

Cold winter weather is now upon us. When temperatures decrease (as they do in Minnesota) muscle and joint inflammation increases, which increases pain. We have gathered some tips that will help:

Dress To Kill the Cold
Blood circulation is imperative during cold weathers. Also, vests and sweaters can keep the chest region warm at all times. When heading out-of-doors, wear warm hats, gloves and a jacket to minimize discomfort and exposure to cold weather. Layers are a good idea this time of year. Also walk slowly during winter for allowing muscles and joints to adapt to the weather change.

Move to Combat the Cold
Longer periods of reduced physical activity are common during cold weather. However, combat the cold by consistent light exercise to prevent stagnation of muscles. Plan a doable light exercise schedule that can be maintained during Minnesota’s cold months.

Warm Water will dispel the Cold
Especially in cold weather indoor swimming is great for averting muscle and joint pain. A warm bath can also be a comfort when the temperature is dropping.

Warm Chiropractic Welcome
AdvaCare Clinics know the pain from muscle and joints. If you are in pain, we can help you get relief. Call our office today to schedule an appointment.

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