Ice or Heat?

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Living in Minnesota, you know it feels so good to be outside in the warm weather!  Maybe you are visiting one of the beautiful State or National Parks (, walking one of the many trails or touring Minneapolis by bike ( Regardless of the activity, what if you “overdo it” and the result is pain.  For relief, do you ice it or use heat?

Here are a few basics:

  • ICE – When you stress a muscle there are micro tears that occur which create inflammation. Ice will slow and minimize the inflammation. Athletes may crawl in a large whirlpool after hard workouts IF the whirlpool is filled with cold water and ice!  We suggest no longer than 20 minute intervals with 30-40 minutes between icing sessions.
  • HEAT – Heat is great before exercise to loosen up muscles and tendons but never after exercise. Heat may feel good after aches and pains from physical activity but will always increase inflammation, resulting in greater pain.

If pain persists, make an appointment to see us. Our chiropractic care, physical therapy, medical and massage options ensure that we are able to provide you with the care you need to get your health back.

Chiropractic Care After Sports Injury Bloomington MN

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Medicare Certified Rehab Facility Richfield MN

Our Healthcare Approach Involves:

This day in age, the number of medical rehab facilities in Richfield, MN has significantly increased. It used to be that there were only a few rehab centers in town. Now, if feels as if there is one every few miles. We understand that it is tough to decide on which provider to trust for your short term and long term rehab needs. By choosing to partner with AdvaCare Clinics Advanced Healthcare Solutions, you will have access to a medicare certified facility that puts a special emphasis on the rehab needs of the elderly population. Through a holistic approach, our dedicated staff will provide you rehabilitation options that are not centered around medications. Continue reading “Medicare Certified Rehab Facility Richfield MN”

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