Non Surgical Hemorrhoid Treatment Minnesota

Non-Surgical Alternative Ultroid System for HemorrhoidsSure, hemorrhoids are all fun and games until you actually have one! Contrary to popular belief, hemorrhoids don’t just affect the older population, in fact it is one of the most common conditions that affects humans. 75% of the US population will have a hemorrhoid at some point in their life so if you are suffering from hemorrhoids, you aren’t alone! Fortunately, AdvaCare Clinics Advanced Healthcare Solutions can provide effective hemorrhoid treatment that is fast and efficient. Non-surgical hemorrhoid removal is the ideal way to treat hemorrhoids and can be done at our practice using either hemorrhoid banding or the Ultroid® Hemorrhoid Management System. If you live in Minnesota, AdvaCare Clinics Advanced Healthcare Solutions is your best bet on effective hemorrhoid treatment. Continue reading “Non Surgical Hemorrhoid Treatment Minnesota”