Skiing in Minnesota

Did you know that there are more than 114,000 snow skiing related injuries that occurred during the past couple of winters?

The most common injuries are knee, arms and shoulder related. Skiers will often break their fall by putting their arms out in attempts to catch themselves However, there are several strategies that can help prevent these common injuries.

Proper Preparation.

* Warm up. Cold muscles are more likely to get injured then those with who have taken the time to warm up. We suggest you take 3 to 5 minutes of jumping jacks or running in place and take a few easy slops to get your muscles warmed up.

* Stay hydrated. Mild to severe hydration can affect physical ability and endurance.

* Equipment! Thats right, having the appropriate equipment and ski runs that correlate with your ability level will help.

* Prepare for Injuries. Know where shelter and the medical facilities are.

If you do get hurt, remember our Sports Injury Rehab therapists can help!

We hope you have fun and stay injury free!

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