Please Accept Our Apology, We Didn’t Know!

There’s an old saying – “You don’t know what you don’t know!” AdvaCare finds itself in that position.  We had no idea that, at times, our telephone was ringing on your end and not actually coming through to our office. Calls were getting through but some were not, but hard to prove and find out unless some of you were following up to tell us. SO, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, and THANK YOU. Otherwise how could we have known that patients were calling and not getting through?

We had a mystery on our hands – why were some calls not getting through?. We did not know how many we were missing but even one call missed was one too many! The telephone company kept saying “All is good” and they could not see anything wrong with the lines. The mystery was solved when our telephone vendor found a problem with the telephone switches.  We are currently pulling a switch of our own, switching telephone companies.

Please accept our apology – we always want to respond to ALL our patients. We understand  some people felt they had to give us low ratings  in social media due to our lack of telephone response, we hope you understand we didn’t know there was a phone call issue to respond to.  Please accept our apology for any inconvenience.

We look forward to serving you all in the future.

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