The “One”

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The One…
Every Chiropractor, every doctor, every nurse, every healthcare professional has “the one”. The one patient who:

  • inspired us to go into medicine.
  • reminds us why we continue to treat.
  • comes prepared with the list of medication and symptoms.
  • is surprised that we can name what medication they were put on first, then what medication
  • was added to combat the symptoms created by the original medication.
  • shows astonishment when we tell them that if they go off all the medication they be back to their first complaint.

The Drugs…
The first thing that happens when someone goes into the doctor with complaints of pain is to be put on prescribed drugs. According to a federal survey:

  • 5 million Americans 12 and over have used pain relievers
  • 3 million Americans used tranquilizers
  • 2 million Americans used stimulants
  • 6 million Americans used sedatives

The Domino Effect…
Patients are prescribed drugs to treat the side effects caused by their prescribed drugs. The closer we look at this domino effect, we see that both over-the-counter and prescriptions are responsible for the sky rocketing number of suffering patients from ailments unrelated to the condition they were first seeking medical attention.

Stopping the Domino Effect….
We are stopping the domino effect! At Advacare Clinics we offer integrated approaches to your issues. Yes, you want to get out of pain and we will do everything possible to accomplish that, but we are always looking for “the cause” not stopping at the symptom. Let our combination of health care professionals find out the cause of your “IT”, the pain stopping you from enjoying life. You are unique and your health care should not be a recipe approved by an accountant or the typical managed care “Doc in the Box” approach; Pain pills, Opioids, Steroids, Surgery (POSS), then wash rinse repeat with no option or consideration of proven effective options.

We offer health care choices for ”the ones” who want a unique experience than mainstream medicine and the domino effect of POSS. We can incorporate an assortment of practices that will produce a more natural outcome without creating other issues that lead to drug dependence. Call today for a free consultation.

We have helped so many experience a better level of health, wellness and a pain-free life. We believe we offer the widest selection of treatment options for you the consumer to choose from. We feel you should have options and have the choice of regenerative therapies, nutrition therapies, oral and IV to help you heal and repair. We also offer Medical Cannabis certification for your ability to have this option.

We integrate your care with our skilled Healthcare Team of Chiropractic, Physical Therapist, Acupuncture Specialists, Massage Therapists and Medical providers. Call for a free consultation to see how are care could help you when others have not: 952-835-6653.

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