Five Ways to Help Your Spine

18666607 - colorful spine backache concept illustration with human spine, anatomy with red color at the middle of the spine

Spinal musculoskeletal disorders may occur in your daily life, at home, work or recreation. You may know how miserable it can be when your back is hurting, but do you know things you could do to help keep your spine healthy?

    • Good Posture! Good posture is fundamental to good health.  It helps to avoid complications such as decreased blood circulation, and chest pressure.  It facilities your breathing by opening your airways.  It keeps your spine healthy.
    • Healthy Nutrition! Nutrition is a crucial component to prevent back pain. Nourish your bones, muscles, discs and other structure in the spine. A diet high in leafy greens and delicious vegetables is beneficial.
    • Move it! Regular exercise is always needed to function well. Working your abdominal muscles will help maintain proper function. Strengthening your core muscles will strengthen your spine and lower the risk of back pain. Our Physical Therapists can teach your specially targeted exercises to add stability and strength.
  • Sleep Well! A good night’s sleep allows your spine to relax and rejuvenate just like the rest of your body.  Make sure your spine is supported while you sleep and avoid sleeping on your stomach when possible. Sleeping on your side will give you a better night’s rest.

AdvaCare Clinics can help you maintain healthy musculoskeletal and nervous systems to ensure your overall wellness.