Are You a Desk Jockey?

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Are You A Desk Jockey?

If you have a job that requires you to sit down at work for overwhelming majority of your work day, then go home and sit more at dinner, in front of TV or PC, etc. – you may be a Desk Jockey.  Are you sitting more than you stand, walk or move? Whereas sitting is not bad for the body, putting your body into one position for hours upon hours certainly is.

Did you know the following habits cause the following musculoskeletal problems:

  • Sitting too long – this can inhibit blood circulation and lead to neck, joint and severe back pain
  • Slouching forward – weak back and shoulder muscle can cause the upper body to slouch and lean forward straining the shoulder and neck.
  • Looking downward at a computer – when a computer screen is below eye level it encourages dropping the neck forcing it out of alignment, which can cause upper back and neck pain.
  • Crossing legs for too long – this causes the hips and spine out of alignment, causing back pain.

Don’t despair, Advacare Clinics can help with both practical suggestion you can d during the work day AND a variety of in-house options to optimal health.

  • No Crossing!    Uncross your legs and keep your feet flat! Try a footrest under your desk – it’s worth it.
  • See Straight!    Elevate your computer screen to eye level.
  • Get Hip!    Make sure you are equally distributing your weight between your hips – no leaning to either side.
  • No Slumping!    If you pull your shoulder blades back, they will come in line with your spine. Retrain your body – you can do it.
  • Move it!    Take periodic breaks, stand up, walk around and move your body.
  • Stretch!    While you are still sitting down, do several arm, shoulder and neck stretches.
  • Breathe!    Deep breathing will oxygenate your body and even lower blood pressure.

If you are experiencing back pain, shoulder pain and neck pain, call for an appointment today!

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