Wow without the “ow”

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In my career as a massage therapist I’m always being asked what style of work I do and my standard answer is “Wow without the ‘ow’, a “deep tissue” massage you can sleep through. I know you’re thinking no way, that stuff always hurts and it’s supposed to. Just for a minute lay aside your notions and history and step out of the box with me and let’s stand the idea of “muscle” pain on its head.

Is an area of palpatory tenderness in a muscle symptom or disease? For many body-workers that’s a no brainier; the tenderness, stiffness or pain on motion is always disease and you gotta get in there and work the heck out of that spot until it releases or your client taps out. That’s the way I was taught in school and the way I worked for a long time even while one of my teachers was telling me constantly, “80% of the time when something on the back part of your body is talking to you something on the front part of your body is causing it” (tricky part is it can also work right to left). Then he introduced me to Pain Neutralization Technique and it all finally clicked. So let’s consider what it looks like if that spot symptom, to get the change you want from a session by examining and working on all the things that are pulling on that spot, we get them to release, then work on the spot, putting your body back in balance, thereby stopping the pain.

Now how do we do this without making you all black and blue? Your brain. We get your brain to do the heavy lifting. Using as little as two ounces of pressure and Pain Neutralization Technique we manually trip off one of your body’s many reflexes relaxing muscle and relieving pain. Sounds a little crazy but stick with me, in order to flex your arm you have to contract your biceps but you also have to release your triceps so we can trick your brain into relaxing your triceps with a pull on your biceps. Which is usually followed by a look of surprise on my client’s face followed by a, “ that is so weird”.
I’ve had doctors make me explain this while I’ve worked on them so I promise not to be surprised if you don’t believe me but take a chance, book an hour – all you have to lose is your pain.

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