Chiropractic Myth or Truth

myth-or-truthOver the years, I have seen a number of Chiropractic myths take on a life of their own. These myths then become accepted as established facts.  Enjoy reading the 5 we chose to strike out against!

  • Myth: Chiropractic care is more expensive than traditional medicine.
    Truth: Chiropractic care is actually more cost-effective than most traditional medicine. A study in Tennessee by Dr. Richard L. Liledahl indicated of 85,000 patients utilizing Blue Cross Blue Shield, receiving treatment for low back pain, a chiropractor instead of medical doctor incurred costs that were 40% lower.  According to American Chiropractic Association, Average chiropractic fees are highest in the south, around $70 per session and lowest in the Midwest at $60.00.  See our blog about the Rising Rates of Minnesota Health Insurance.
  • Myth: They only service Chiropractors offer is back adjustments.
    Truth: At Advacare Clinic, we believe in accreditation of chiropractic care and providing our patients with the treatment options which include a variety of services. We offer chiropractic care, physical therapy, and medical treatments including IV Therapy.
  • Myth: Once you go to the Chiropractor, you’ll always have to go.
    Truth: While we do suggest regular adjustments to help prevent injuries and keep a healthy lifestyle, the choice to make them regular is yours and yours alone.
  • Myth: Your bones grind against each other during an adjustment.
    Truth: The “grinding” noise is the release of CO2 gas from the spine that creates the popping sound you hear after adjustments.
  • Myth: Cracking your back yourself is no different then when a chiropractor cracks it.
    Truth: The carefully orchestrated spinal adjustment in our office is done by a highly trained medical professional that is deliberately adjusting your body to hit the areas that need treatment.

If you hear any other myths please come to us directly. Your initial consultation or during one of your regular visits, you will have the opportunity to discuss with our doctors any questions about various types of chiropractic care. To schedule your initial or next appointment call 952-835-6653.

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