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Did you know that all major sports and Olympic teams have a Chiropractor on each side line and in the locker room?  It is to protect their investment so their players can be at peak levels and in the best possible health. You are as important as any team player and I view my job both a doctor and a health coach. I will guide, encourage and direct you towards your desired health goals.

There are always roadblocks when it comes to peak performance.  These roadblocks can be Chemical/nutritional/toxin based along with emotional or physical damage.  Emotional roadblocks can sabotage the best of plans. High stress levels can be reduced with regular adjustments and massages. Our bodies hold tension and “cell memories” of emotional and physical trauma. Ask any Vet or person with PTSD!!! I have been using EMDR for over the past 17 years as one of the therapies we draw on to help unlock physical and emotional patterns that can be the underlying “cause” of chronic physical pain patterns.

Weight can also play an important role in how you feel emotionally and physically. Our medically managed weight loss treatment plans have proven successful. We offer a combination of “medical foods” that are designed to feed our cells and help reduce the long term effects of a SAD (Standard American Diet). Our medical director, Dr. Ragab, who is a D.O. and a registered Dietician, also offers prescription programs to help jump start your metabolism to help you lose weight safely and effectively. We can combine programs and customize the weight loss based on you hormone levels and unique metabolic profile.

The use of IV therapy to add a high dose of supplements into your cells foods supply had an immediate effect on allowing your body start to repair cells and then tissues, reduce pain and inflammation, boost your immune function and enable your cells to dump out long help toxins they did not have the energy and physiological ability to metabolize out of your body. Thus making or keeping your “chronically” Ill/sick or in pain. You don’t have the ability to really get started on a health exercise program because you can’t LAUNCH!!

The IV therapies bypass the gut absorption problems of impaired uptake (5-8 maybe 10% at best of nutrients taken orally) It usually takes about 1 IV a week for 6 weeks to get the ball rolling. Most people see big changes in the first 1-2 sessions. The best people are the ones who are coming down with a cold or flu or dealing with allergies. The will see the biggest changes and fast. Your immune system will be able to better defend you instead of picking a fight with everything in your environment, which is what allergies actually are. The problem isn’t the trees or the cat and dog, It’s YOU.

SOO, when it come to changing your life and thought process on how to add preventative steps to your life and plan for keeping you and your family healthy, I believe you have to use the old metaphor; “How do you eat an Elephant”??? One bite/change at a time. Maintenance care is what will keep you healthy and in-the-long run keep your medical cost down.  But you will have to spend some money to get some better health and function. Something will have to change in the status quo.

Let the professionals at Advacare help you pick your steps and make a plan for health and wellness. Think of us as your Tour Guides on your Journey to Wellville! Plan for health and wellness…it just doesn’t happen on its own and it’s always cheaper to stay healthy!

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