A Little Idea and Thought – Higher Health Symposium

Higher-Health-SymposiumThe Higher Health Symposium is Tuesday, April 19, 2016 at the Northwestern Health Sciences University in Edina, MN. It centers around  innovative options in corporate-sponsored health care.  How did this come about?   It is amazing how a “little idea and thought ” can become this large reality. I feel very fortunate to have been the start of this concept and what it has grown into – a program that has the power to change lives and enable businesses to give better coverage, offer a more cost effective system of health care and prevention options.

To think it all started from having a guest on my radio show and then starting to see a common thread between several of my guests.  Once we got them all together and outlined the “WHAT IF” we were able to harness all of the things we were trying to do and see the synergy of putting all of these programs together. The sum is often bigger and stronger than the separate parts. This is the first year – let us spread the word and change health care delivery!!  Imagine spending 50% less on what is paid? Having healthier and better functioning employees and cutting your business health costs 30 to 50%?? We have the systems and number to back these claims up. Come and learn on the 19th!!

Listen to our Higher Health Symposium Radio Show featuring Jerry Kill!

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