Alternative Medical Care VS Traditional Medical Care

Back Pain Management MNThroughout life, there is a constant battle between traditional and alternative. Whether you are deciding how to plan your wedding or how you will treat your pain, there is always a traditional and alternative method. When you are experiencing pain, the normal thing to do is go to your doctor. The only real question is, which doctor is going to help you achieve your long term health goals? For example, if you visit your regular primary care doctor, there is only so much they can do for that nagging back pain of yours. They may give you a couple exercises to try at home, give you some pain pills that make you groggy, and then ultimately, when those interventions don’t work, refer you to a surgeon to “fix” the problem. Not happy with that solution? Neither are we! AdvaCare Clinics Advanced Healthcare Solutions recognized that problem within Bloomington Healthcare clinics and decided to find a better alternative.

Your Bloomington Healthcare Clinic

At AdvaCare Clinic, we have over 85 years of combine medical treatment experience in both traditional and alternative medical care. We offer physical therapy, acupuncture, massage therapy, and chiropractic care all within one Bloomington healthcare clinic. We pride ourselves in combining revolutionary solutions with traditional care options and we have to say, we’ve seen so much success! We do whatever is takes to bring you back to your peak of health and wellness and help you achieve your long term health goals!

Chiropractic Care

Our experienced and licensed chiropractors have years of experience in effectively treating the body with chiropractic care. They can make manual chiropractic adjustments that will correct any imbalances in the spine, relieve any pains from disproportions, and can prevent extensive damage or deterioration of the body in the future.

Physical Therapy

Through physical therapy, our licensed physical therapists will work with each client to manage their complex disorders. Whether your pain is chronic or acute, our treatments can help! From therapeutic exercises to massage therapy and acupuncture, our treatment team will work to eliminate or reduce your symptoms and help you to function normally in your daily life.

Advacare Clinics Advanced Healthcare Solutions is a Bloomington healthcare clinic that not only offers alternative medical care but combines it with traditional medical care so that you don’t have to choose, you can have it all! If you live in Bloomington, MN, give AdvaCare Clinics a call today at 952-835-6653.

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