Physical Therapy Treatment Edina

 Edina MN Physical TherapistsWhen you think of physical therapy, what do you see? Do you see the athlete training side by side with a healthcare professional, improving their quad strength after an ACL repair? Do you see an older woman walking with assistance to improve her mobility after her hip replacement? A young dad trying to release the tension in his shoulder after a car accident? How about a soldier who is learning how to move his arms again after a spinal cord injury? No matter what you visualize, you will be right. At AdvaCare Clinics Advanced Healthcare Solutions, we serve all different types of injuries and clientele. Our physical therapist in Edina work with patients who have impairments, limitations, disabilities, or a change in their physical function and health status because of an injury or disease. Continue reading “Physical Therapy Treatment Edina”

Herniated Disk

Bloomington Herniated Disk TreatmentSome people with a Herniated Disk in the neck or spine do not have any symptoms. For others, symptoms such as Pain, Numbness and Tingling can be very troublesome. The wrong move can result in the soft center of a cartilage disk leaking out between vertebrae and causing stress on a nerve. This Nerve Pain is referred to as Radicular Pain. Depending on where the Ruptured Disk or Slipped Disk has occurred, nerve symptoms can be felt in either the upper or lower body extremities. Nerve pain that radiates down the leg is commonly called Sciatica. Non-surgical relief for herniated disks can be found at AdvaCare Health Clinics in Bloomington, MN. Continue reading “Herniated Disk”

Physical Therapy Treatment Bloomington

Physical Therapy Bloomington MNNot feeling 100% can quickly become frustrating. If you suffer from an ailment, limitation, disability, or chronic condition that consistently causes pain in your life, you may want to consider physical therapy. Serving as a holistic approach to managing your pain, physical therapy can help you rely more on true body recovery instead of temporary comfort from medication. Looking for a physical therapist in Bloomington, MN can be overwhelming. One thing’s for sure, you will not go wrong by partnering with a physical therapist from AdvaCare Clinics Advanced Healthcare Solution. Take control of the pain in your life with the help of our hands on team that has over 85 years of combined experience. Continue reading “Physical Therapy Treatment Bloomington”

Choose Chiropractic Care to Stay Healthy in Minnesota

Chiropractic Adjustment MNNo matter what age you are, staying healthy is very important. Sure, children may not have to focus as much as adults when it comes to their health, however individuals of all ages may become sick or struggle with a medical condition at any time. Consider committing to chiropractic care as a wellness approach to staying healthy long term. If you live in Minnesota, AdvaCare Clinics Advanced Healthcare Solutions is a highly experienced chiropractic provider ready to help you stay healthy! When you hear “chiropractor” most people think that we just handle back pain, but that is far from the case. Chiropractic care can be used to help with a wide range of conditions ranging from arthritis to headaches. Continue reading “Choose Chiropractic Care to Stay Healthy in Minnesota”

Work or Car Accident Help Bloomington MN

Injury Treatment BloomingtonHave you been injured recently in a car accident or on the job? Injuries can leave you in a lot of pain and not sure how best to manage your medical care, since there are many different health care providers might be needed. One thing that is often helpful if you find yourself in a situation like this is to partner with a healthcare team that values multiple treatment options that are both highly effective and holistic in nature. AdvaCare Clinics in Bloomington, MN is leading the healthcare industry in wellness solutions for auto injury treatment, Injuries on the Job, Acute Injuries, Chronic Pain and many other health related problems that people commonly encounter. AdvaCare Medical Clinic is an Outpatient Rehabilitation Center in Bloomington that combines medical care, chiropractic care, alternative medical practice and physical therapy to help our clients achieve all of their wellness objectives. Continue reading “Work or Car Accident Help Bloomington MN”

Physical Therapy for Shoulder Problems Edina MN

Sholder Injury RehabilitationCompression of Rotator Cuff Tendons in the shoulder often results in symptoms including Pain, Reduced Range of Motion, Decreased Strength and Sleeping Problems. If left untreated the condition can worsen into a Rotator Cuff Tear. Research from a study on Rotator Cuff Injuries done in Finland concluded that Physical Therapy is just as effective as surgery. They recommended that conservative treatments should be considered first before resorting to surgical intervention. At AdvaCare Clinics, Edina MN patients can find significant help with healing through the assistance of a Licensed Physical Therapist. Our goals are to Prevent Surgery and facilitate healing through Physical Therapy. Continue reading “Physical Therapy for Shoulder Problems Edina MN”

Rising Popularity of Alternative Healthcare

Alternative Medicine Alternative healthcare has become increasingly popular over the last decade or two. But, historically, because it is sometimes viewed as outside the norm, particularly by insurance companies, it has been difficult for individuals to get comparable coverage, or coverage at all. This may now be changing at least at some level, with the advent of the affordable care act.

Alternative medicine is defined as any of a range of medical therapies that are not regarded as orthodox by the medical profession, including meditation, acupuncture, chiropractic care and homeopathic treatment and other things. But the National Institutes of Health reports that alternative health care is used by about 40% of adults in the US, many reporting very positive results. Continue reading “Rising Popularity of Alternative Healthcare”

Regenerative Therapies for Arthritis Edina

Edina Arthritis Pain ManagementCommonly, Americans do not realize how many people suffer from arthritis. In fact, arthritis is currently the number one cause of disability. To show this in numbers, research has shown that approximately 53 million adults have been diagnosed with arthritis. Although not as frequently, arthritis can even affect children. Nearly 300,000 young children suffer from arthritis as well. Signs point to this condition rising over the years, so it is important that we know about regenerative therapy options that can help you minimize your symptoms and keep arthritis under control. Living in Edina, MN, you are in luck because AdvaCare Clinics Advanced Healthcare Solutions is right around the corner. Specializing in regenerative therapies that help with pain management, our diverse team is sure to find a holistic solution to make sure that your health is in tact long term. Continue reading “Regenerative Therapies for Arthritis Edina”

Take Charge of your Health with Integrative Medicine

Integrative Medicine Choose by YouAre you tired of everyone making the decisions for you? Too many times in a structured hospital setting, patients are being told what to do instead of asked. At AdvaCare Clinics Advanced Healthcare Solutions, we are excited to watch you take charge of your health through our integrative medicine. Serving patients throughout Minnesota, AdvaCare Clinics Advanced Healthcare Solutions has a unique healthcare approach that involves holistic care. We are leading the healthcare industry by offering outpatient wellness solutions for car accident injuries, injuries on the job, acute injuries, chronic pain and so many other types of common health related problems that people are going through. Continue reading “Take Charge of your Health with Integrative Medicine”