Edina Fibromyalgia Pain Relief

Fibromyalgia Relief MNOne of the most popular sayings in the healthcare community goes a little something like this, “pain is whatever the person says it is, existing whenever the person says it does.” This quote, composed by McCaffery in 1979, goes on to say that it’s not the client’s responsibility to prove they are in pain but rather the healthcare professionals task to accept the report of the pain. Pain is a subjective matter that so many fibromyalgia patients deal with everyday. At AdvaCare Clinics Advanced Healthcare Solutions, we strive to ease that pain. Through a combined practice of chiropractic care and physical therapy, our licensed and certified healthcare staff is dedicated to helping fibromyalgia patients located in Edina, MN with their pain relief. Continue reading “Edina Fibromyalgia Pain Relief”

Edina Outpatient Rehabilitation Facility for Seniors

Bloomington Physical Therapy SeniorsMinnesota, as the rest of the country has an aging population. Seniors are living longer, healthier lives than ever before. More individuals in the elderly population are looking for ways to Increase Mobility and Regain Strength as a way to Maintain Independence. Professionals at AdvaCare Clinics Advanced Healthcare Solutions have services including Physical Therapy and Strengthening Exercises that help seniors to regain confidence and live the lifestyle of their choosing. Our Edina Rehabilitation Center has Insurance Approved senior care programs and other services available with attentive professionals. Continue reading “Edina Outpatient Rehabilitation Facility for Seniors”

How Chiropractic Works

Chiropractic Care Bloomington MNWe get it. You have heard the term chiropractic care, but you just don’t know how it truly works. Although this may seem like a relatively new medical concept, this form of medical care has actually been around for centuries. Chiropractic care is based on the belief that good long term health relies on a properly functioning nervous system. Through chiropractic care, specialists are able to strengthen your ability to remain healthy. If you are looking for a Minnesota chiropractic clinic, AdvaCare Clinics Advanced Healthcare Solutions is the partner for you! Specializing in chiropractic care, our staff can provide you with the preventative health care that will help strengthen your long term health. Continue reading “How Chiropractic Works”

In Bloomington and Considering Surgery?

Joint Pain Relief Bloomington MNJoint Replacement Surgeries are increasingly common. Younger patients are opting for invasive and risky procedures to relieve pain and correct issues with mobility or mechanics. The Healthcare Professionals at AdvaCare Clinics believe in taking a more holistic approach to healing. We provide Corrective Therapies at our Bloomington Outpatient Rehabilitation Center. Our dedicated staff are experts in Chronic Pain Management Techniques such as chiropractic care, physical therapy, massage therapy and acupuncture treatments. Continue reading “In Bloomington and Considering Surgery?”

Edina Pain Relief

Pain Relief EdinaEvery year, thousands of Americans suffer from both acute and chronic pain. Unfortunately, if those suffering from pain don’t take the proper steps to alleviate those ailments, it can be very hard to remedy them later on. Fortunately, Edina, MN has AdvaCare Clinics Advanced Healthcare Solutions. At AdvaCare, we focus on finding natural pain relief through chiropractic care, physical therapy, and laser therapy. With our talented staff of professionals, we have a combined experience of 85 years in the medical treatment arena. We are best known at combining revolutionary solutions with traditional care options that work! Our services include: Continue reading “Edina Pain Relief”

Bloomington Laser Therapy

Laser Therapy Pain ReliefAre you stuck dealing with chronic pain that just will not go away? Relying on those pain medications may temporarily solve your problem, but they have no long term benefit in the healing of your body, actually new research has shown some scary long term effects from some of the most commonly used pain relievers. If you are at a loss with how to better manage your pain and how to heal from your issues, consider laser therapy as a holistic approach. You are in luck because AdvaCare Clinics Advanced Healthcare Solutions offers Bloomington laser therapy treatments regularly. Through the use of our laser therapy sessions, you will be in and out of our office in no time, and the healing process quickly begins. Consider this affordable alternative to surgery today! Continue reading “Bloomington Laser Therapy”

Bloomington Outpatient Rehabilitation Facility for Seniors

Bloomington MN Physical TherapistsAs more and more baby boomers are reaching the magical age of 65, society is dealing with the dilemma of how to care for an aging population. Many seniors prefer to remain independent as long as possible. Maintaining good physical health is an important factor. Elder care programs at the Bloomington Rehabilitation Center are providing Insurance Approved services such as Physical Therapy and Strengthening Exercises to build strength, increase mobility, regain confidence and maintain greater independence. AdvaCare Clinics accepts most major health insurance plans. Continue reading “Bloomington Outpatient Rehabilitation Facility for Seniors”

Edina Chiropractor For Arthritis Relief

Edina Arthritis Pain ManagementArthritis is a common disability that most people have at least heard about, but it can’t affect that many people, right? Well, it is actually quite the opposite. Research has determined that arthritis is the number one cause of disability in the United States, affecting nearly 50 million Americans. These statistics are not showing any sign of decreasing anytime soon. This disability is so difficult to manage because there are over 100 different types of arthritis. Some individuals resort to pain medication to try and reduce the chronic pain from arthritis. Although this may temporarily help, it is not the best long term solution. If you live in Edina, MN, AdvaCare Clinics Advanced Healthcare Solutions offers a holistic alternative to relying on pain medicine for your arthritis management. Serving as an Edina chiropractor, our team can help you control your arthritis pain through pain relieving chiropractic adjustments. Continue reading “Edina Chiropractor For Arthritis Relief”

Physical Therapy After Auto Accident Bloomington MN

Relief From an Accident BloomingtonWant to hear some harsh statistics? In 2010, there were an estimated 5,419,000 automobile crashes killing 32,999 and injuring 2,239,000 in the United States alone. Fortunately, in 2013, Minnesota came in second as the state with the lowest motor vehicle crash fatality rate in the U.S. Although we do everything in our power to prevent these crashes from happening, in 2013 there were still 30,653 people injured in Minnesota from traffic crashes. Over 1,200 of them were severe and life altering for the injured person and their families. For this reason, no life should be taken for granted. If you survive an auto accident, make the most of your life. At AdvaCare Clinics, we offer a safe and constructive place for you to recover after an auto accident injury. Serving all Bloomington, MN residents, AdvaCare Clinics wants to see you succeed after an car accident injury! Continue reading “Physical Therapy After Auto Accident Bloomington MN”