Bloomington Chiropractor for Arthritis Relief

Bloomington Natural Arthritis ReliefIf you asked the Centers for Disease Control, arthritis would be at the top for our nation’s most common cause of disability. The National Health Interview Survey estimated that 46 million adults have self-reported doctor-diagnosed arthritis from 2003-2005 data. Of those 46 million, 19 million of those surveyed had limitations due to arthritis! WOW. Arthritis can affect everyone! Fortunately in Bloomington, natural arthritis relief is possible. There is a licensed doctor of Chiropractic near Bloomington and they are here to relieve your arthritis pain. At AdvaCare Clinics, we serve those that need pain relieving chiropractic adjustments to alleviate the pains that arthritis can cause.

Bloomington Natural Arthritis Relief

If you are looking for a Bloomington Chiropractor, AdvaCare Clinics should be your first call. Located near Edina, MN, we have helped so many people suffering from the pains of arthritis through chiropractic care! There are over 100 different types of arthritis and they can all vary in diagnoses as well as treatment. We are a clinic that understands everyone is different and therefore, we work hard to treat every patient differently.

Pain Relieving Chiropractic Adjustments

It doesn’t matter who you are, arthritis can strike at any age, and can lead to devastatingly debilitating results. Some of the common types we see at AdvaCare Clinics and hope to provide pain relieving chiropractic adjustments on, include the following:

  • Osteoarthritis: As the most common type of arthritis, we tend to see this most often. Cartilage in the joints degenerate and cause bone on bone contact, which equals pain.
  • Rheumatoid Arthritis: Your body is literally fighting itself! Labeled as an autoimmune disease, the cells in your own body begin attacking your joints, leading to joint damage and possibly organ damage if prolonged.
  • Juvenile Arthritis: No one deserves to have JA when they are young, but it does happen and it must be controlled quickly so that it doesn’t overwhelm the child with a sense of despair.

While there is no actual cure for arthritis, if you are looking for Bloomington natural arthritis relief, we can help you here at AdvaCare. We want to help manage the pain and decrease the symptoms. We use pain relieving chiropractic adjustments to boost the immune system. Our patients also benefit greatly from multiple treatment approaches that we have here at AdvaCare. So if you are looking for a licensed Doctor of Chiropractic near Bloomington, pick the best Bloomington Chiropractor there is right here at AdvaCare Clinics. Call us today at 952-835-6653.

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