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Cold Laser Therapy Bloomington MNWhile cold laser therapy has been used in the healing arts since 1965, it is just now starting to catch on as one of the most advanced treatment options of this century. Also known as low level laser treatment, cold laser therapy can accelerate the normal healing rate of tissue for many different types of ailments! This means sports injuries can heal quicker and chronic pain can finally be alleviated. If you are looking to receive the great laser therapy benefits, try AdvaCare Clinics’ Bloomington low level laser treatment!

AdvaCare Clinics offers Laser Treatment

If you are looking for Bloomington low level laser treatment, AdvaCare Clinics has you covered. We provide an integrated approach to all your different therapy needs. Because pain is a complex issue that so many people with different problems and histories have, we like to think of our team as a puzzle. Each person is different and therefore, no treatment should be the same. Whether you are receiving cold laser therapy coupled with chiropractic care, or surgery coupled with physical therapy and medication, AdvaCare only wants to see you succeed. For this reason, we offer a variety of different options that may work for you. We have the ability to combine western, chinese, and psychological medicine practices to better serve you!

Bloomington Low Level Laser Treatment

If you have chronic pain or an injury that just won’t heal, learning about the laser therapy benefits may change your life. Cold laser therapy works by supplying energy to the injured area with non-thermal photons of light. The body then absorbs this light and has the ability to transform it into chemical energy that is used to accelerate the normal healing rate of the injured tissue. Cold laser therapy can help with pain management, inflammation of joints and soft tissue, can increase immune system functions, and obviously, it can accelerate healing of damaged tissue. Cold laser therapy is a safe procedure and is classified by the FDA as a class III, nonsignificant risk. While it is safe, only a professional should perform this treatment and must meet all levels of training and experience.

At AdvaCare Clinics, we have the training, experience, and advanced technology equipment to get you back onto your feet and alleviate those obnoxious pains. Laser therapy benefits have been shown to be remarkable and with more studies and advancing technology, it is only going to get better. If you are interested in Bloomington low level laser treatment, AdvaCare Clinics is ready to show you the benefits of this wonderful treatment. If you live in Bloomington, MN, call AdvaCare Clinics today at 952-835-6653.

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