Regenerative Therapies Bloomington MN

Pain Treatment MNDo you suffer from chronic pain that plagues a particular part of your body? Are you looking for ways to get relief without having to go through surgery? Quite often, there are other options out there for patients looking for pain relief assistance. If you live in Bloomington, MN, and you’re dealing with pain, large or small, there is help for you. AdvaCare Clinics Advanced Healthcare Solutions specializes in non invasive regenerative therapies that will help control the pain you are facing.

The AdvaCare Team

The AdvaCare outpatient rehabilitation facility has a wide range of members on staff providing various services to the Bloomington, MN community. Our dedicated staff consists of Doctors of Chiropractic, physicians, physical therapists as well as massage therapists, all coming from differing backgrounds. One thing is for sure, all of our staff members take pride in developing relationships with patients and providing high quality customer service each day.

Regenerative Injections

Some people do not want to go through the surgery route when dealing with chronic pain. Common reasons surgery is not preferred is because of the long recovery time frame as well as the risk that the surgery will not work. AdvaCare offers a more simple option for our patients that want to go another route with their treatment. Our regenerative injections provide a therapy option that helps reduce the pain and lower the inflammation. Whether you are having neck, back, joint, arthritis or any other pain, our team of professionals may be able to provide regenerative injections for you.

Do you Qualify?

The great thing about regenerative therapies is that they can be performed on individuals of all ages. The key component is simply the type of pain you are experiencing. Typically, if the pain you experience is coming from your back, neck, joints, ligaments, muscles, or tendons, regenerative therapy may work for you.

Take the next step in your pain management through regenerative therapy. There are all sorts of non surgical options out there to help relieve your pain. If you live in Bloomington, MN, it is time to partner with AdvaCare Clinics Advanced Healthcare Solutions today by calling (952) 835-6653.

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