Whiplash Treatment Edina MN

Auto Accident Injury Relief MNRecently been involved in a car accident and experienced whiplash? Automobile accidents are one of the most common causes of whiplash. This is not going to change as more and more people across the country begin to drive. If you are living in Edina, MN and have experienced whiplash, AdvaCare Clinics Advanced Healthcare Solutions offers whiplash treatment to help your pain! Since whiplash is a very common chiropractic condition that we treat, our staff can provide you with the assistance needed to get your body feeling back to normal.

About Advacare

Advacare serves the Edina, MN area as an outpatient rehabilitation facility that specializes in providing chiropractic solutions for any bodily injuries that you may develop. With over 85 years of combined experience, our team of healthcare professionals has seen it all when it comes to whiplash injuries. Additionally, our staff is committed to providing patients with holistic solutions that will help you get rid of the pain that you are facing.

Other Ways Whiplash May Occur

Getting into a car accident is not the only way to get whiplash. Other common ways include:

  • Slipping or Falling – During the winter months, slipping is a common accident that causes whiplash.
  • Sports – Contact sports can cause whiplash if an individual receives a blow to the face or neck.
  • Roller Coasters – The high speed of a rollercoaster can cause your neck to move in ways that it is not used to moving.

Pain Caused by Whiplash

Over 42% of patients that experience whiplash have long term symptoms that linger.

  • Muscle Strain
  • Nerve Damage
  • Disc Damage
  • Ligament Issues

How We Help

Chiropractic spinal adjustments are a great way to ease the pain from whiplash. Spinal manipulation can help reduce the pain caused by whiplash and reduce the length of time the pain lingers. Research has shown that chiropractic services can help an individual reach full recovery, and are one of the only services that is effective against whiplash pain.

If you have been experiencing pain caused by whiplash, it is time to take the next step in getting better. If you live in Edina, MN, contact Advacare Clinics Advanced Healthcare Solutions today at (952) 835-6652 for all of your whiplash treatment needs!

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