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Become a Better Health Consumer

Healthcare Radio ShowIn this day and age it’s hard to keep up with healthcare changes. In the past, patients receiving healthcare treatments where personally responsible for paying for the medical services. Now, everything is directed past you, to your health insurance company. This change is giving the insurance companies all the control and leaving doctors and patients with their hands tied. AdvaCare Clinics, located in Bloomington, MN is a patient focused Outpatient Rehabilitation Facility that wants to help put the control back in the consumer’s hands…meaning you. Our clinic is an independent healthcare facility which focuses our energy on allowing our patient to heal as affordably as possible, while not limiting their treatment options. And to try and get the message out, we’ve developed a Minnesota healthcare radio show that airs every Sunday on AM950, which is completely free to listener.

The Inside Scoop on the Medical Field

Our hour long radio show covered a range of topics, the first one which aired February 1st is online for streaming and covered the following topics:

  • The overall changes in Healthcare
  • More Acceptance for Alternative Care Options
  • How Professionals in the Industry are under more Pressure and Time Restraints
  • Addressing the Confusion Brought on by the New Healthcare Plans
  • The Importance of Preventative Care

Integrated Health Care

As healthcare changes, the effects will be both positive and negative. One positive is that healthcare practices are evolving and integrated care is becoming more accepted. Integrated care combines complimentary and mainstream treatment options in order to create a specific method best for the patient. Which requires that multiple medical professionals work together to find what is best for the individual patient. Healthcare is so much more than drugs and surgery! We have designed this radio show in efforts to provide you with the knowledge you need to become a better consumer, not just a patient.

Take Control of Your Recovery

Each week the show not only includes the host, Dr. Dennis Lenselink but also a panel of guest speakers who work in the related industry, whether it be the billing side, insurance side or the traditional medical side and these specific field experts will not only share their professional encounters, but also their personal experiences.

To listen to the already aired To Your Heath segments follow –

Listen live every Sunday at 10 AM on AM950 – The Progressive Voice of Minnesota

Fill out our online form with any and all questions, interests, concerns and topic requests about the radio show on the AdvaCare Radio Show page (linked in the first paragraph of this post) and receive a coupon for a $32 hour long therapeutic massage!

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