Professional Massage Edina MN

massage edina MNDon’t overlook the power of Massage! Therapeutic Massage not only feels amazing, it also does amazing things for your body. AdvaCare Clinics, located near Edina, MN offers Professional Massage Therapy for anyone wanting to escape for an hour, or so. Whether wanting to elude life’s stresses, pain, or even just a gang of screaming kids. The best part is that right now, when you contribute to our Health Care Radio Show on AM950 each Sunday at 10 AM you will get a coupon for a $32 professional, one hour massage!

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Professional Massages help relieve stress; which in itself can kill. But it does so much more. The benefits are much more than just skin deep.

Therapeutic Massage Benefits:

  • Decrease Pain
  • Improve Sleep
  • Increase Mobility
  • Increase Circulation
  • Helps with Labor
  • Great for Pre and Post Surgery Recovery

Massage for All Ages

Massage has been known to help both newborns and the elderly. It can be an appropriate health care approach for any age and should not be passed over when considering alternative health care. AdvaCare has been offering Therapeutic Massage in Bloomington, MN since 1994, long before it was seen as an approved healthcare approach. Our licensed and experienced professional masseuses can suggest the correct massage for your individual case.

Supporting Homeostasis

Homeostasis in humans is undeniable. In order for our body’s to function property there needs to be a balance. Stability is needed for keeping our body temperature, fighting infection and many other functions and homeostasis is what’s responsible for the balance that keeps our body operational. Massage Therapy can help improve the homeostatic balance, which can directly impact whether you fight the next cold or flu virus that comes your way or succumb to the sickness. Improvement of the involuntary nervous system can greatly enhance the body’s function as a whole and offer both short term and long term benefits.

Holistic Health Edina MN

AdvaCare Clinics believes that integrating a multitude of heath care approaches offers the fastest and most complete recovery path. If you’re feeling pain of any kind, our outpatient rehabilitation facility is a clinic dedicated in educating and assisting anyone interested in experiencing satisfying results. We do what we can to also provide all of our medical approaches affordably.

Contact AdvaCare Today at (952)835-6653 and don’t forget to listen to 950AM on Sunday mornings at 10 AM, send any questions or requests related to the radio show to

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