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Chiropractic Care MNAre you searching for a Doctor of Chiropractic near Edina, MN? If so, you have come to the right place. AdvaCare Healthcare Clinics, located near Edina, Richfield and in the heart of Bloomington not only has all the benefits of a highly trained and experienced chiropractor on staff but our holistic healthcare clinic has Physical Therapists, Doctors of Medicine, Certified Acupuncturists and Massage Therapists all under one roof for your convenience.

Benefits of Ongoing Chiropractic Care:

  • Prevents Illness and Injury
  • Improve Immune System Function
  • Helps Balance Mood
  • Reduces Stress
  • Increases Organ Function
  • Lowers Blood Pressure
  • Improves Sleep

Benefits of Chiropractic Care for Injuries:

  • Corrects Injury
  • Reduces Inflammation
  • Improves Range of Motion
  • Restores Body Alignment
  • Encourages Bodies Natural Healing Process

Healthcare that Doesn’t Break the Bank

You may be thinking that because all of these options are available to you, the price is astronomical. In all actuality, our services are comparable and even more affordable than those of that big hospital building you usually walk into and ask to be directed around. We are in no way saying that traditional healthcare is dead or dying, just that times are changing and that healthcare options don’t have to be at opposite ends of the spectrum. Instead, natural, holistic and alternative treatment options can collaborate with traditional methods resulting in a much more positive results, with less downtime, risks and even expense.

Update your Medical Treatments

Just as Blood-letting, Cocaine and Shock Therapy are no longer medical treatments used by today’s standards, the industry is changing and often times for the better. Why go under the knife, with good odds of a successfully recovery if there are other treatments available that have the same recovery chances, which are more cost effective, less painful, and require less time and energy. In this day and age surgery should be the last resort because we have so many other effective medical approaches that have been proven to work.

Chiropractic Healthcare Edina

If you’re in Edina, Richfield or Bloomington and looking for a healthcare clinic that can offer you Chiropractic Care and a variety of other affordable and effective healthcare approaches contact AdvaCare Clinic today at (952) 835-6653 or email

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