Knee Pain Relief Bloomington MN

Physical Therapy Benefits MNIf you’re suffering from knee pain there is little to no activity you can do that doesn’t hurt. Many actions that use to be easy are now devastatingly hard. If you’re in fear of losing your independence because of knee pain – AdvaCare Rehabilitation Facility, located in Bloomington, MN can help! We offer holistic pain relief and pain management services, to help you prevent surgery and the need to use narcotics.

Pain Management Specialists Minnesota

Our healthcare clinic believes in tailoring treatment to an individual’s need. We do not have one treatment suggestion or one series of treatment methods. We combine multiple medical aspects, depending on your specific case, to deliver the best results. Below is a more general (but not complete) list of options we provide at our outpatient rehabilitation facility to help ensure you have the best chances of recovery and/or the greatest level of pain management.

Physical Therapy for Knee Pain

AdvaCare has over 20 years of experience in the pain management field and we have seen first-hand the many benefits of physical therapy. Our licensed physical therapists utilize a range of tools, such as mobility and strength exercises, massage, heat treatment, infrared therapy, electrical stimulation and many more proven techniques that can reduce knee pain and restore knee function.

Joint Injections for Knee Pain

Our healthcare clinic also has medical procedures available. If you’ve heard the great news about the non-surgical, naturally beneficial joint injections, you’re not alone. Some joint injections not only help relieve your pain but also can also help restore your knee and function. Our regenerative injections may vary depending on your case.

BioniCare for Knee Pain

We have an advanced medical treatment option that is less heard of but it has been cleared by the FDA, used by many and requires no surgery: The BioniCare. This brace uses a small amount of electric current to reduce the pain you feel and soften the tissue. Depending on your situation this can be a safe and effective alternative to knee surgery and it is convenient and pain free.

Chronic Knee Pain Relief

There are many reasons for knee pain, which is why we won’t recommend a treatment until after you are evaluated at our Bloomington, MN clinic. For your greatest chance in experiencing a pain-free life, without risky, invasive and lengthy recovery contact AdvaCare Healthcare Clinics. We will provide you alternatives that you may have never heard about but are extremely effective.

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