Chiropractic Clinic Edina MN

Chiropractic Care MNWe have only been given one body. Whether you’re a mom, athlete, business professional, or general contractor – your health matters. And AdvaCare Clinics, located near Edina, MN provides the tools needed to assist your body in staying at its best. The licensed chiropractors at AdvaCare are highly educated on the anatomy of the human body and know the importance of ‘whole body health’. Our chiropractic healthcare approach focuses on the bones, joints and the nervous system. There are many people who have overcome painful conditions and achieved optimal health from our chiropractic treatment, contact us and become one more.

Chiropractic Care and the Immune System

Did you know manual adjustment can boost the immune system? Well, it has been researched and shown to do just that. The nervous system and its function supports homeostasis and it has been discovered that the nervous system also helps regulate immune system functions. Chiropractic care focuses on aiding the nervous system by correcting subluxations, also known as misalignments, which cause nerve stress, therefore hindering the function of the nervous system.

Chiropractic Care in Health

Regular chiropractic visits can keep you well energized, rested, happy and even prevent injuries from happening. Because your body relies heavily on your spine and nervous system, corrective chiropractic adjustment can benefit you in entirety. Scheduled monthly adjustments can increase flexibility in the body, improve organ function and with proper nutrition, exercise and rest you could be feeling better, younger and more optimistic than ever.

Natural HealthCare Approach Edina MN

Keep your independence! Our doctors of chiropractic use a drug-free approach that does not alter alertness; if you were physically able to safely drive to our clinic for your appointment, you are able to safely drive away. There is no need to work around another schedule, or rely on anyone other than you and our healthcare professionals. Chiropractic care also doesn’t have any recovery time. Besides our recommendations to drink plenty of water and keep good posture, you can go about your normal day.

Contact AdvaCare Clinics to start seeing the benefits for yourself at (952) 835-6653!

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