Accident Pain Treatment Eden Prairie MN

Snow Injuries MNThere are many reasons to feel pain and there are many clinics that offer pain treatment and management, AdvaCare is a clinic that offers relief and correction to anyone suffering from acute or chronic pain. Our advanced healthcare methods combine multiple treatments that have been proven effective, non-invasive and do not require the use of prescription pain killers and many times they delay or even eliminate the need for surgery. If you are around the Eden Prairie, MN area and have had any kind of accident, from an auto accident to a work related injury, a slip on the ice or hurt yourself playing sports – AdvaCare can correct the damage causing you pain.

Auto Accident Injury Treatment

There is nothing enjoyable about a car crash. Many people focus their attention on the need to fix their vehicle because they don’t immediately feel pain. It is important to understand that vehicles can come and go but you only get one body. After even a slight vehicle collision it is important to see a health care professional for an examination to be sure there are no soft tissue injuries, whiplash or other common vehicle accident injuries.

Workers Comp Injury Treatment

Are you dealing with a worker injury? If you do your research you will find most cases end up at the surgery table or on disability. If neither of those options suit you than AdvaCare is the right healthcare clinic for you. We do everything in our means to keep you from going under the knife, while providing you a treatment plan that will allow you to improve your strength, mobility and give you the best chance to returning back to work and being a productive member of society.

Winter Injury Treatment

Snow is everywhere you turn in Minnesota and under that fluffy, cold and white stuff may be ice. A fall on the ice is known for bruising hips, muscle strains, back pain, tailbone damage, fractures and spinal cord injuries. Don’t suffer or sustain long-term problems because you don’t want to be seen or don’t have time to be seen for your fall. A quick trip to AdvaCare Clinics can ensure you will be feeling better sooner.

Sport Injury Treatment

Winter opens the doors to many new sporting activities: sledding, ice hockey, skating, skiing, snowboarding, many more… These sports are usually fast paced and can easily lead to injury. If you or a child of yours has hurt themselves while enjoying a winter sport and the pains are still lingering, it is best to contact a healthcare clinic that can provide multiple solutions, like AdvaCare Health Clinic.

Holistic Treatment for Pain and Injuries MN

AdvaCare offers Chiropractic Care, Physical Therapy, Medical Procedures, Acupuncture, Massage Therapy and many more approaches to return you or a loved one back to a pain free state. Call us today at (952) 835-6653!

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