Auto Accident Pain Treatment Eden Prairie MN

Pain Relief MNWinter makes driving a lot more difficult and auto accidents more likely, even if you’re the best driver you know. All of this snow and ice is not just a pain while shoveling, it can be a potential pain every time you get behind the wheel of your vehicle. If you’re in the Eden Prairie, MN area and have been involved in a vehicle crash and are experiencing any type of pain; from slight, to medium, or even severe – AdvaCare Clinics is a healthcare facility that can treat, relieve and possibly even eliminate your pain. Our office uses holistic treatments to correct your actual injury, not just disguise the pain you feel. We can get you back to health by integrating Chiropractic Care, Physical Therapy, Acupuncture, Massage, Medical, Laser and other less-invasive and effective treatments.

Non-Surgical Pain Treatment Options

Many times it is common for a patient to go from one treatment extreme to the next: Narcotics to Surgery. Our office does not want to prohibit your body from healing natural by distorting your body’s important receptors. Instead, we work with your body to correct alignment by chiropractic adjustments, improve mobility with physical therapy and allow your body to naturally heal itself, like it was meant to do.

Some short History of Chiropractic Treatment VS Prescription Pain Killers:

The First Prescription Pain Killer – Heroin, was introduced around 1898, in its beginning years of being ‘socially appropriate’ it led to many addictions, deaths and was banned a few years later. And has been synthesized into many other forms, also approved and even still prescribed today.

Chiropractic Care – Over a century ago, in 1895 the first manual spinal manipulation was performed and reportedly restored hearing in a deaf man. Since then this healthcare approach has been expanded, never banned and has grown to be the second most popular form of treatment.

Safe and Effective Healthcare Treatment

You have loved ones, family and people who depend on you. You may also be looking into treatment for a loved one. The history above speaks for itself, which is why AdvaCare is so passionate about our holistic treatment approaches that don’t bring your life more possible complication. No matter what option you choose for yourself and family, be sure you are aware that prescribed medications can be just as dangerous as street drugs.

Long Term Pain Relief MN

If you choose to postpone the path to narcotics and surgery we will be here offering our experienced and effective treatment methods that can correct the pains of a recent crash or any other injuries that you have been experiencing lately.

Contact us for our Effective and Holistic Injury and Pain Treatment options today at (952) 835-6653!

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