Vehicle Crash Injury Treatment Richfield MN

Winter Roads MNHave you been injured in an auto accident? Winter is a dangerous season, especially for commuters and if you have experienced an accident, you’re not alone. It is estimated about 1 out of 4 crashes are related to weather; snow, ice and freezing temperatures make every trip on the road more of a risk and can even make a crash situation more dangerous for everyone involved. If you’re in the Richfield, MN area and searching for treatment because of a car accident AdvaCare Clinic, located in Bloomington, MN should be your first choice. We are a holistic healthcare clinic that provides multiple treatment options, such as Chiropractic Care, Physical Therapy and Medical Procedures and other Corrective Treatment options.

Dangers on the Road

There is never a 100% safe time to drive on the road, vehicle crashes are called ‘accidents’ for a reason. They are unintended, unplanned and there is never a good time for one, to make matters worse, they can be devastation to any people involved. Now that the first snowfall is here, and here to stay drivers much be more diligent in every move they make.

Tips to Prevent Accidents on our Roadways:

  • Ensure your vehicle is in good working condition – Make sure your windshield wipers work well, your heat works, inspect your tires frequently, make sure they have good tread and make sure your lights are in working order.
  • Travel at a Safer Speed – Just because the speed limit is 65 mph doesn’t mean you have to drive that fast and often you shouldn’t. When snow, sleet and rain are falling from the sky its best to stay in control and when the temperatures stay below freezing ice and black ice will be present, be sure to stay at a speed you can comfortably manage on the road.
  • Extra Time and Distance – When you’re traveling slower and safer it will take longer to get where you’re going…but as they say, better late than never. Be sure to give yourself more time than you did in the summer months and what your GPS is telling you. Also, stay farther back than usual to the vehicle in front of you. They also need longer time to stop and being too close can lead to a multiple car pileup.
  • Be Easy on the Gas and Brakes – While driving in snowy and icy conditions your vehicle will perform best if you stay light on both the gas and brakes. Too much gas can lead to your tires spinning and forceful breaking can lead to sliding – neither instance leaves the driver in control.

It is possible to follow all of these suggestions, be the safest driver you know and still have an accident. When this happens, AdvaCare is here to help you recover quickly and fully. Our team of healthcare professionals are dedicated individuals devoted to getting your life back on track, so you can continue to live happy, healthy and pain free.

Treatment for Major and Minor Injuries MN

Whether you experienced a small fender bender in the parking lot or a multiple car pileup on the highway, getting seen by a professional is the smartest thing you can do for you and any of your family. There may be injuries your feeling, as well as not feeling but all the damage that was done to your body needs to be addressed. The sooner you start correcting it, the shorter your recovery process will be and the sooner you’ll be seeing the results you want.

Contact the Health Care Professionals at AdvaCare Clinic today, don’t sacrifice your health! More times than not your insurance will cover the examination completely, our number is (952)835-6653.

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