Preventing Winter Injuries Minneapolis MN

Snow Injuries MNTo mark the first snowfall, AdvaCare Clinics would like to help our local area in being safe while enjoying or enduring this winter weather. Our advanced outpatient healthcare rehabilitation clinic uses multiple treatment approaches to reach our patients desired goal. Each patient has a different goal and a different condition bringing them in but we combine Chiropractic Care, Physical Therapy, Massage Therapy, Non-Surgical Medical and other treatment types, which many times exceeds their expectations.

Winter weather has proven to be dangerous for many, from 1 – 100 no one is really out of the clear. We have listed some safety tips below so that you, yourself can prevent injuries and skip a trip to a healthcare clinic, but of course, we will be here –in Bloomington, MN if anything were to happen.

Common Winter Injuries and Tips to Prevent Them:

Slipping and Falling

Whether you’re walking out to get your mailbox, going to your vehicle or bringing in the groceries it is important to take your time, nothing is more important than your health. If you rush and fall you may just end up getting wherever you need to go even way later than planned. Be especially cautions around stairs, if you’re carrying a child or if you are already weak from an injury. Wear boots that have good tread, made for snow, slush and ice because all three can be slippery.


Shoveling snow is heavy business and can often lead to ligament, soft tissue and back injuries and pain. Set a pace for yourself, don’t overdo it and don’t over fill your shovel. Try to keep your body strait, the less twisting and turning the better. Be sure to bend with your knees, not your back and wear adequate winter wear. If you feel chest pain stop immediately.

On the Road

Driving becomes much more challenging when there is snow flying. Stick to slower speeds, leave extra room between you and the vehicle ahead of you. Always wear your seat-belt, use your blinkers and have extra clothing in your car, just in case something should happen leaving you stuck for a while.


The act of flying down a hill can be thrilling for anyone . Though sledding is usually a sport for kids; parents and grandparents often times join in. Regardless of who is going down the hill, be sure that it isn’t too steep, it’s clear of trees, bushes, steep drop offs or jumps. All of the above can lead to many injuries that can result in anything but a fun trip out.

Skiing and Snowboarding

Other fast paced sports that many enjoy in the winter months are Skiing and Snowboarding but the fun does not mean that it is a completely safe sport. It is important that you and anyone you go with is taught be a professional, has the right equipment (for safety too) and knows how to use it.

Braving the Cold and Snow

If you have plans and the weather is extremely horrible, it might be best to reschedule. But regardless the cold is here to stay so make sure you have all your winter gear, it will help you to stay warm and safe. If you did get hurt enjoying or bearing the winter weather contact AdvaCare Clinics today so that we can help you reach a speedy recovery.

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