How Combination Therapy can Help with Giant Cell Arteritis Symptoms

What is Giant Cell Arteritis

Giant Cell Arteritis Relief Giant Cell Arteritis is an inflammation of the lining of your arteries. Arteries are the blood vessels that carry oxygen-filled blood from your heart to the entire body. A lot of times, it affects the arteries in your head, specifically those in your temples. Because of this, giant cell arteritis is sometimes called temporal arteritis or cranial arteritis.

Giant cell arteritis repeatedly causes headaches, jaw pain, and blurred or double vision. Blindness and, not as often, stroke are the most serious issues of giant cell arteritis. Immediate treatment of giant cell arteritis is crucial in order to prevent permanent tissue damage and vision loss. Continue reading “How Combination Therapy can Help with Giant Cell Arteritis Symptoms”

Auto Injury Treatment Bloomington MN

Treating your Auto Accident Injury Bloomington MN

Physical Therapy MNAre you suffering for the pains of a recent crash? Or maybe you don’t feel anything other than shaken up? AdvaCare Clinics, located in Bloomington, MN can help you recover from your pains and ensure that you haven’t sustained any injuries that, later in life, could possibly be debilitating. If you are feeling any pains, headaches, blurred vision, nausea or dizziness those are signs that you’re not just rattled from the recent, unpredicted events. Those are signs that your body has sustained an internal injury and you need to seek out a qualified professional to evaluation your health condition. Continue reading “Auto Injury Treatment Bloomington MN”

Manual Rehabilitation Techniques Help Joints Move Bloomington MN

Manual Rehabilitation Techniques Bloomington MNAdvaCare Clinics,  located in Bloomington MN , offers a rehabilitation approach that focuses on helping patients understand the condition and treatment  you are experiencing. Based on the needs of the patient, our physical therapists and chiropractors will work with other members of the rehabilitation team to create a  retraining program tailored to your  needs to restore maximum function and mobility to the body. Continue reading “Manual Rehabilitation Techniques Help Joints Move Bloomington MN”

Auto Injury Treatment Edina MN

Outpatient Rehabilitation Edina MN

Auto Accident Relief MNHave you been involved in a vehicle crash? Are you in or near Edina, MN? If so, you should seek treatment from leading healthcare professionals. At AdvaCare Clinics we have a vast selection of passionate and certified doctors. From Doctors of Chiropractors to Medical Doctors, even Physical Therapists and Massage Therapists – all here to help you achieve the best recovery, in the most efficient time, with the least amount of risk, medication and surgery. Continue reading “Auto Injury Treatment Edina MN”

Automobile Accident Treatment Edina MN

Auto Accident Injury Relief MNHave you been injured in an Auto Accident? Are you feeling pain? Or are you worried because you’re not feeling pain? You’re probably confused and a bit jumbled from the latest, unplanned, possibly life changing event. Whether you’re feeling pain or not, you and anyone else that experienced the crash should be examined by a healthcare professional, immediately. Your worldly possessions can wait, you only get one body and AdvaCare Clinics, near Edina, MN knows how to treat it well. Continue reading “Automobile Accident Treatment Edina MN”

Workers Comp Treatment Edina MN

Workers Comp RehabIf you’ve recently suffered from a work-related injury and are near the Edina, MN area AdvaCare Clinics is a qualified rehabilitation center focused on restoring lives and helping attain recovery through a multifaceted healthcare approach. We combine chiropractic care, physical therapy and other medical approaches focused on your unique circumstance and a full recovery; so you can get back to the productive, working life you once enjoyed. We have a lot of experience in the Workers’ Compensation Recovery Processes and can help you see a timely and full recovery before returning to the workplace. Continue reading “Workers Comp Treatment Edina MN”