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Pain Treatment MNMany times pain is life changing but not life threatening. Unfortunately, the main stream way of dealing with pain is life threatening! If you are one of the many dealing with chronic or acute pain, for any reason and are located in Bloomington, MN – AdvaCare Clinics has many holistic approaches that do not risk the lives of our clients’.

Risks of Medicating Pain

It is sad but true, deaths from drug overdoses have risen and are still steadily rising; they have more than tripled in the past 20 years! The amount of prescription pills being administered to the U.S. population is extensive; over 200 million a year, in recent years. As each day passes, an average of 100 American’s dye of drug overdoses – mostly due to prescribed drugs… These are scary numbers, which only continue to increase. Do more for your family, yourself and your friends. Get relief from body correction and natural approaches that are much safer.

The Importance of Correcting the Body

It is important to remember that painkillers do not correct the body’s issue – the actual reason for your pain. Narcotics have been invented not to cure but to decrease the perception of one’s pain. So taking them will not fix your problem, it will just distract your receptors and you will not be conscious of the distress your body is in. In a larger sense, pain is important. It alerts you to bodily harm, many times leads to the fundamental problem and alerts you that you need treatment. Taking painkillers disrupts the natural order and does nothing to correct what is wrong with your body.

Treating the Actual Health Problem

Granted, in some major cases pain medication, used for a short period of time, can help you deal with your injuries. But when doing so, the medications need to be coupled with corrective methods. Traditional approaches commonly use prescriptions and surgery. These methods are on two opposite sides of the treatment spectrum. One, the prescription, does nothing but disrupt the senses in the body. And the other is the most invasive way to deal with the problem; going into the body and placing foreign objects inside or removing parts. While we are not against surgery, we feel there are many approaches that can be taken and should be considered prior to a surgery. Don’t go from one extreme to another and overlook the less invasive options that may just be the key to your pain relief.

Holistic Health Care Treatments We Offer:

o   Physical Therapy

o   Medical

o   Chiropractic Care

o   Acupuncture

o   Laser Therapy

o   Professional Massage

Full Spectrum of Treatments

AdvaCare Clinics offers a range of effective treatment solutions. We believe that integrating multiple techniques will offer the best results but each and every patient we see is addressed on their specific health concerns and we set up an appropriate regimen that we feel can offer the best results. If your are looking for effective pain management without the mask and extra health risks contact AdvaCare Clinics today at (952) 835-6653, fill out our Online Form or email right now!

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