Pain Relief Bloomington MN

Pain Relief MNAre you searching for another way towards a pain-free life? Are you unhappy because your doctor suggested surgery? Have you been down that road? Was it more traumatic than beneficial? If so, AdvaCare Clinics, located in Bloomington, MN is well equipped to help you see success, without pain medications and we try our best to keep you from the surgery that many times is suggested by traditional health professionals. We have a variety of healthcare approaches, such as Physical Therapy, Chiropractic Care, Massage Therapy, Acupuncture, Laser Therapy; we also offer proven and effective non-surgical healthcare solutions that are less known about, like BioniCare and Regenerative Injections. Continue reading “Pain Relief Bloomington MN”

Outpatient Rehab Facility Bloomington MN

Pain Relief Without Surgery

Outpatient Rehab MNAre you searching for an outpatient rehabilitation facility around the Bloomington, MN area? If so, AdvaCare Clinics can help. We offer Physical Therapy, Chiropractic Care, Non-Surgical Medical Treatments and other Holistic, Drug-Free ways to help you get your independence back. When an accident, injury, health condition, surgery or any other reasons for pain make the tasks you need to complete difficult or impossible our advanced healthcare solution can lead to your freedom. Continue reading “Outpatient Rehab Facility Bloomington MN”

Pain Management Bloomington MN

Multiple Pain Management Solutions

Pain Management MNIf you’re seeking effective pain management solutions and are in the Bloomington, MN are AdvaCare Clinics has what you are looking for. We provide a variety of Advanced Healthcare Solutions, from Physical Therapy to Acupuncture, Chiropractic Care, Massage Therapy, Laser Therapy and many more non-invasive, drug free approaches. We have all your outpatient rehabilitation and pain management needs! Continue reading “Pain Management Bloomington MN”

Help with Insomnia Bloomington MN

Insomnia MNCan’t fall asleep at night? Or you fall asleep but can’t stay asleep? You may have insomnia. Insomnia occurs when it is very difficult to fall asleep, stay asleep, or both. When you experience insomnia, you typically wake up feeling groggy or like you haven’t slept at all. This can tax your ability to function during the day. Not only can insomnia suck away your energy level and mood, but it can also affect your health, work performance and quality of life. Advacare Clinics, located in Bloomington, MN can help you with your insomnia. Continue reading “Help with Insomnia Bloomington MN”

Oxidata Test Can Help You Manage Your Anti-oxidants Bloomington, MN

OxidationAn oxidata test is a simple test that can answer questions about your cardiovascular health. This can be more beneficial than just running your cholesterol numbers. Research as shown that cholesterol is not the main problem for plaque buildup in your arteries, but in fact it is the oxidation of your LDL cholesterol causing issues. AdvaCare Clinics, located in Bloomington, MN, offers oxidata tests for all patients. The test will help determine if you are deficient on anti-oxidants. Continue reading “Oxidata Test Can Help You Manage Your Anti-oxidants Bloomington, MN”

Help with Infertility Bloomington MN

Infertility Help MNPregnancy is a great step in both a man and a woman’s life. For some people, getting pregnant can be a challenge-no matter what you do, you and your partner cannot seem to conceive. If getting pregnant has presented itself as an issue for you and your partner, you are not the only one. 10 to 15 percent of couples in the United States cannot conceive a child. Infertility occurs when you, or your partner, are not able to get pregnant even if you are participating in frequent, unprotected sex for at least a year (or 6 months in some situations). Continue reading “Help with Infertility Bloomington MN”

AdvaCare’s Advance Health Care Solutions for PTSD

PTSDPost-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is a mental health disorder that is triggered by a frightening event. Symptoms can be flashbacks, nightmares and severe anxiety, accompanied with thoughts about the event or other events that are not in your control.

Numerous people who experience a traumatic event have problems “getting back to normal” and coping for a period of time. But over time and taking care of yourself, these traumatic receptions normally heal. Sometimes, however, the symptoms may grow more violent or go on for months to years. At times, they can take over and disrupt your life. In a case such as this, you might be experiencing post-traumatic stress disorder. Continue reading “AdvaCare’s Advance Health Care Solutions for PTSD”

Physical Therapy Bloomington MN

Recovery through Physical Therapy Minnesota

Physical Therapy Benefits MNPhysical therapy can benefit just about anyone and any injury, from a sports accident to a neurological problem. AdvaCare Clinics, located in Bloomington, MN offers effective physical therapy treatment that has been known to quicken the healing time of injuries. Our office loves to see each of our client’s improvement and our 3 dedicated physical therapists work closely to ensure everyone that’s completing one of our many physical therapy programs achieves optimal health and healing through this gentle healthcare approach. Continue reading “Physical Therapy Bloomington MN”

Work Injury Rehabilitation Richfield MN

Local Rehabilitation for Workers’ Comp Injuries

Work Related Injury MNAre you suffering from work related pain, injuries or a health condition that has increased in severity due to your daily workplace activities? If so, AdvaCare Clinics, located in Bloomington, MN (near Richfield, MN) offers rehabilitation services that can get you back to work, without invasive surgeries and prescribed narcotics. We offer more hands-on approaches, such as Chiropractic Care and Physical Therapy to help you see the fastest and most complete recovery. Continue reading “Work Injury Rehabilitation Richfield MN”