Zinc Tally Test Can Help You Boost Your Immune System…Dr. Dennis Lenselink

Healthy Diet with ZincZinc is a very important element for every living being- including animals and plants. It is important for many functions and is a key component in more than 300 enzymes in the body. Zinc can be found in all parts of the body including the organs, tissues, bones, fluids, and cells. AdvaCare Clinics, located in Bloomington, MN, offers the zinc tally test for all patients.  This test can give you the ability to better tune your body and really see what your are missing in your diet or daily life.

Muscles and bones contain most of the body’s zinc. The body parts with the highest content of zinc are in the prostate gland and semen. Zinc is very important during pregnancy. Zinc aids in congenital abnormalities and premature birth. Zinc activates growth including height, weight, and bone development in the growing stages of life (infants, children, and teenagers).

Importance of Zinc to the Human Body

Zinc plays a part in all roles of the body which makes it very important for our health.  Zinc helps:

  • Vital growth and cell division
  • Fertility
  • Boosts the immune system
  • Helps with taste, smell, and appetite
  • Accelerates renewal of skin, hair and nails
  • Boosts vision
  • Many more…

Everyone needs zinc no matter what age, sex, or ethnicity. We mostly get zinc from out food. The mass majority of food sources that have zinc in it are red meat, poultry, fish and seafood, whole cereals, and dairy products. A healthy and balanced diet is key to getting your body enough zinc it needs. Remember, too much of a good thing is bad, so regular zinc testing is helpful in maintaining your body.

Zinc deficiency is a very seriously issue in many countries that are still developing. Zinc deficiency is ranked number 5 as the leading risk factor in causing disease. This is especially true for disease and certain conditions like diarrhea and pneumonia in children which can lead to death. Other deficiencies include stunted growth and loss of development in infants, children, and teenagers. Low zinc intakes when you are younger can also lead to impaired function in the brain, behavior problems, memory impairment, and impaired ability to learn.

Call AdvaCare Clinics (952) 835-6653 today if you have any questions about the zinc tally test, or to set up a screening today. We offer many screenings that have the ability to determine what treatments would be the most beneficial for you that only take 5 to 10 minutes to assess. All preventative health screenings are quick, easy and pain free.

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