Combination Therapy can Help with Hip Fractures Bloomington MN

Hip FracturesA hip fracture is a serious injury, especially if you’re older, and issues can be life-threatening. Most hip fractures typically happen in people older than 65, with the risk increasing quicker after age 80. Older people are at more of a risk of hip fractures because bones typically weaken with age. This bone weakening is called osteoporosis. Numerous medications, unreliable vision and balance issues also make older people more likely to trip and fall, which is one of the most common causes of hip fracture.

A hip fracture is almost always followed by months of physical therapy. Taking steps to keep bone density and prevent falls can help prevent hip fracture.

At AdvaCare Clinics in Bloomington, MN we are a clinic with advanced healthcare solutions and have been helping patients with hip fractures and educating  bout  its symptoms and conditions. We combine physical therapy, chiropractic care,  and medical procedures for best results and recovery all under one roof. We offer many holistic treatments that can help you with your hip fracture and gain symptom relief.

Causes of Hip Fractures

A severe impact , like in a car crash, for example,  can cause hip fractures in people of all ages. In older adults, a hip fracture is usually a result of a fall from a standing height. In people with extremely weak bones, a hip fracture may happen simply by standing on the leg and twisting.

 Symptoms of Hip Fractures

Signs and symptoms of a hip fracture may include:

  • Not being able to move right after a fall
  • Extreme pain in your hip or groin
  • Failure to put weight on your leg on the side of your injured hip
  • Stiffness, bruising and swelling in and around your hip area
  • Shorter leg on the side of your injured hip
  • Turning outward of your leg on the side of your injured hip

Treatments of Hip Fractures

AdvaCare Clinics,  located in Bloomington MN , offers a rehabilitation approach that focuses on helping patients  understand the condition and treatment  you are experiencing. Based on the needs of the patient, our physical therapists and chiropractors will work with other members of the rehabilitation team to create a  retraining program tailored to your  needs to restore maximum function and mobility to the body.

The Physical Therapy evaluation will take place on the first day of the therapy session.  You should wear  loose clothing that they can move in and that will allow the therapist to see the affected area.

The therapist will ask you about the history of the injury. They will discuss how the injury has affected your  ability to complete daily activities. The therapist will take measurements of how well you move, your strength and endurance. The therapist will ask about pain. Then, the therapist will come up with therapy goals with you and together you will decide on a plan of care.

The physical therapist may use other holistic modalities  to hip fractures including:

  • massage therapy
  • heat/ice therapy
  • ultrasound
  • electrical stimulation
  • Acupuncture
  • Nutrition planning
  • Laser Therapy
  • Manual adjustments
  • exercise
  • and many more…

As you heal and gets stronger, the therapy will focus more on being able to perform daily activities.  Call AdvaCare Clinics (952) 835-6653 today if you have any questions about  any of our therapies or to schedule a complimentary screening today. Our screenings have the ability to determine what treatments would be the most beneficial for you. We have many screenings that take about 5 to 10 minutes to assess if you need care and what combination of care would best work for you.




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