Answers to Your Insurance Questions for Chiropractic Care..Dr. Dennis Lenselink, Bloomington MN

Insurance Questions AnsweredAdvaCare Clinics, located in Bloomington, MN, is an official provider for almost all major insurance carriers and health plans. AdvaCare Clinics also provides workers’ comp, auto, and personal injury insurance plans. We also provide care for patients who want to pay with cash. We provide services through our CMP plan. Our CMP plan allows you to get the beneficial treatments you need without breaking the bank.

We will send a claim to your insurance company after getting care at AdvaCare Clinics. We will execute everything we can to help reduce your financial burden by getting the most out of your insurance benefits. You will receive statements in the mail keeping you informed. If you have any questions regarding your statement, please do not hesitate to contact us to speak with one of our billing staff members.

Frequently Asked Questions About Billing

When do I pay the co-payment?

Your co-payment is due at the time of service. If you are not sure about your co-pay requirements, please look at your insurance card. Make sure to call your insurance company to verify. If you have any questions regarding your co-payment, please give us a call at 952.835.6653.

What happens when my health coverage changes?

Benefits and coverage may fluctuate over the year. It is not uncommon for healthcare coverage to have a deductible or out-of-pocket expense. Since each plan can be different, you should review your benefits with your insurance company, or contact us with any questions you may have.

I was in a car accident. Who is responsible to pay my bill?

If you are involved in an automobile accident, or hurt at work, the insurance company who covers the owner of the automobile or business is responsible to pay your medical bills. For more information on this please give us a call at 952.835.6653.

Call AdvaCare Clinics (952) 835-6653 today if you have any questions about insurance policies, any of our therapies, or to schedule a complimentary screening today. Our  in-clinic screenings have the ability to determine what treatments would be the most beneficial for you and your sports injury. We have many screenings that take about 5 to 10 minutes to assess that are quick, easy and pain free.


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