Chiropractic Care helps prevent Prostate Cancer…Dr. Dennis Lenselink Bloomington, MN

The Tuesday Minute

More women are diagnosed with breast cancer, but MORE men die of prostate cancer.  Of the 180,000 men with prostate cancer in the US, 31,000 men die annually. These are serious numbers.  Male patients need to be evaluated and treated in the early stages when it is not only safe to treat but effective.  Watch this week’s Wellness Minute for recommended testing and important markers in early detection as well as a multi-variant treatment approach.

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Chiropractic Care helps with Alkaline Balance…Dr. Dennis Lenselink Bloomington, MN

Recently, I have been shifting our clinic evaluation for nutrition to a tissue/blood base line instead of “eat this and not that.”  We are deciphering more subtle imbalances and deficiencies in the typical diet, hoping  that as we reach for the underlying causes of nutrition we will ultimately save people from the wasted dollars spent on other treatments that are not addressing the real problem. I have discovered that the problem in nutrition is bigger than simple dietary imbalance, and that it is actually aggravated by adverse drug/nutrient reactions or further nutritional depletion. In short, having proper alkaline balance is one of the most important factors in having a healthy diet.

The typical diet is very acidic, which is what we’re trying to change. The simple approach to nutrition, if the patient is not willing to have the extensive testing done, is to get them on a good multiple vitamin/mineral supplement or having them try to change their eating (and buying) habits to have more alkaline foods to offset their build up from an acid forming lifestyle.  High acidic lifestyles include stress, drugs, toxins and the inability to clear toxins out of their system, and eating foods high in the production of acid. I am finding more and more the need to up a person’s alkaline reserves to offset their acid lifestyle.  All of this acidic nutrition only increases aging and degenerative changes to the cells and tissues of the body!  More acidic lifestyles make it harder to treat  with any type of care.

The alkaline chart from Dr. Van Merkle is basically the same as the one I utilize in the clinic and give out to my patients.  The glycemic index is the same as what I use in clinic as well and comes out of the book: The Glycemic Index.

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Chriopractic Techniques That Help Scoliosis…Dr. Lenselink Bloomington,MN

Out of all the protocol and documentation for the treatment of scoliosis that I have seen in the past 30 years, the The C.L.E.A.R Institute is the best.  The great thing about it is how reproducible the treatment  is between practitioners.

I have been currently using  about 60-70% of the techniques I have learned from them over the years in my practice, as well as some extras with the use of Lasers therapy to aid in the muscle re-education and release of the splinting and spasm complex along the spine that can occur with scoliosis.  I am planning on getting certified in the procedures over the next year as well.

Some of the protocol for treatment can be read about in the articles and links below. If you or a loved one is currently dealing with scoliosis be sure to check out this helpful information.

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